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How to Prevent Computer Problems

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Everyone who owns a computer surely wants it to be performing the way when it was new. How can you retain your computer’s processing speed? Read through the items below and learn the how to’s in preventing computer problems!

Computer Problem Prevention

Prevent viruses – This is simply done by installing a good antivirus program and regularly updating it to get the latest virus definition.

Beware of Malicious emails – Don’t ever dare to download attachments inside emails from sources you don’t know. Those are viruses! Beware!

Update windows regularly – Windows is designed to automatically download security holes patches. Don’t disable windows update. Leave it as it is!

Avoid bad websites – XXX sites and other websites containing a lot of pop up messages have a lot of automatic-install malicious softwares in them. Stay away from them or suffer the consequences!

Defragment your hard drive – Don’t forget to free up some disk space and put everything in order by doing a disk defragment task available as a tool on your windows computer.

Perform registry repair regularly – Download free registry repair software and save your machine from booting errors, bad sectors and system hangs by doing a repair regularly.

These simple steps will prove to be very helpful especially if everything is done regularly. Take good care of your machine, be a responsible computer owner and enjoy it fast and reliable anytime, anywhere!

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