Some Important Apps

Apps are a new feature in Windows 8 that may confuse novice users but Microsoft doesn’t have such motives at all. The modern apps are actually part of Microsoft’s attempt to merge tablets and PC’s into one unique machine that still contains the traditional desktop environment which we have all grown accustomed with. Modern apps are very much the same as those that you install on your mobile device like your tablet or Windows phone and the method of installing them is also the same but as with any other user who’s using Windows 8 for the first time, you might have no clue of what apps you should install or where you can find them in your Windows 8 computer. No matter what the case is, you need to remember that an Internet connection is needed before you can start downloading the apps that pleases you.

In this tutorial, I’ll be giving some recommended apps that you might want to install on your Windows 8 computer and explain what each one of these apps does so be sure to prepare your Windows 8 computer and start exploring the world of modern apps!

News and Entertainment

The mobile world will never be complete without entertainment apps like those that helps you connect to FM radio or listen to your favorite music stuff. There are also others that keep you updated of the latest news so you can stay informed wherever you go. Below is a list of news and entertainment apps and their descriptions to help you decide the type of apps that you’d like to install on your Windows 8 machine.

Sky News

One of the best news app that I would recommend for you to install on your Windows 8 machine is the “Sky News” app which features a stylish picture-based layout. After opening the app, you’ll be greeted by the top stories of the day and scrolling through the right will reveal some videos and other news categories such as Business news, World news, Sport, Politics and Showbiz. If you’re the curious type that wants something different then you can explore the “strange” categories for unusual stories that happened recently. Clicking on a story will then open the main page which contains nice fonts perfect for tablet and PC type screens. If you’re done reading one story, start tapping or clicking the left or right edge of the screen to scroll through the other available news and stories within the app


Daily Motion

If you’re already getting bored with watching the video contents on Youtube especially the homemade ones and you want to try something different then the “Daily Motion” app will work its magic for you. Daily Motion is packed with videos of your favorite artists, news, sports and other relevant video categories that features the happenings of everyday life or even videos of animals and pets. If you want to try something different than the mainstream site then “Daily Motion” would be one of the best alternatives that you can have.


Get through all the music that you love in your Windows 8 machine with the “” app. Use the app in listening to your favorite music artists and as well as discovering new ones that fits your music preference. is perfect for music lovers and big music artist fans who are willing to do what it takes just to listen to their favorite music any time of the day.



Aside from providing music and good entertainment, there are also apps that helps you accomplish the tasks that are otherwise hard to complete if done without using them. Some even make as good substitutes even to the traditional desktop applications that we’ve all been using back in the days of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. You can create notes and share them between your devices, edit photos and do some other stuff. To get started with some productivity apps, I’ll be giving you two examples here.


Editing and sharing the photos you recently took from your latest travel is easy with the “FotoEditor” app. This free app helps you do some quick edits to all your photos so you can be sure that they look at their best before you even post them on any social network that you’re in. Do other tweaks like cropping, filtering and more to get the best photo ready for sharing to your friends and family.


OneNote MX

Are you fond of taking notes of the things that happens each day or the stuff that you find over the Internet? Some people really like taking down notes of new recipes, research or simply in planning out a travel or vacation. The “OneNote MX” app is a perfect tool which will accommodate all your important notes and place them securely in an easy to access space. This tool is the app version of the popular desktop program that enables you to create ideas that can fill in a full notebook or paste web pages and other stuff that you find over the Internet. After creating your notes in it, you can start sharing them to all your other devices so you can bring your notes wherever you go and access them anytime you wish to. The app is not just available in Windows 8 but is also tablet and smartphone ready. If your mobile device is compatible for use with a stylus pen then you can start writing notes with it the same as though you are doing it on an ordinary paper or notepad.


Hobbies and Interests

If you are a bookworm, a cook or a traveler then you need an app that will help you do more in a few taps or clicks on your PC or mobile device. Windows 8 offers a variety of apps for any type of hobby so let’s start knowing some of them.


Get free access to a host of mouth-watering recipes with the “iCookbook” app. The app features an awesome food photography along with the details of the 200,000 recipes that it contains all laid in clear large fonts for an easier reading. Going through each recipe would surely make you hungry and I would say that this app is one of the best I have ever seen that works in Windows 8 PCs, tablets, smartphones or any other mobile device.



If you are fond of reading novels and other ebooks then you should be familiar with Amazon Kindle devices. If you’re already using such a device but you want to just carry your Windows mobile device with you then you can install the “Kindle” app. It syncs all your Kindle books to whatever device that you install the app on and you can start reading the book that you’ve been reading on your Kindle device from where you left off. You can also enjoy all of your custom reading settings across all of your devices.


National Rail

You’ll never miss your train going home if you have the“National Rail” app installed on your Windows 8 computer or mobile device. The app gives updated information regarding trains going home and even enables you to pin a your local train station directly on the Start Screen putting an end to the lengthy process of searching over the Internet. You’ll have all the information that you need straight from your Windows 8 Start Screen!


Do Things Easily with Windows 8’s Modern Apps

Now that you’ve known some apps and discovered what they are used for, you can start installing them on your Windows 8 PC as well as your mobile device and delve deeper into the world of apps to make things a lot easier and faster to accomplish. If you know of any other Windows 8 app that has proved to be very useful to you then please feel free to share them as comments below.