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Customizing Your Favorites Folder in Windows 7/8

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Windows provides a folder that contains all your favorite files including videos, music and photos but your Windows machine can’t detect and identify these files by itself. You need to choose which files should go to the Favorites folder.

Just like any other part/component of your Windows machine, you can employ a lot of customizations and tweaks to your Favorites folder. Here are some steps that will guide you through the customization process:

* You can add a folder, a saved search, a library even a drive to your Favorites folder. All you need to do is drag the items that you want to add to the folder through the navigation pane.

Note: You can’t add individual files to your Favorites however; you can always add these files to any folder on the Favorites section.

* You can change the order of arrangement of each item on the Favorites folder by dragging a specific item top a different position on the list.

* You can also restore some default favorites even all of its default by clicking “Restore Favorite Links”.

* If you want to see and view where your Favorites are stored, click the “Favorites” link on the navigation pane list. The link can also be referred to as a shortcut.

* If you want to remove a favorite from the folder, just right-click on the favorite that you want to remove then choose “Remove”. This removes the folder that is specified however, it will not affect the links and shortcuts to the files that is placed in it.

Add Folders and Files to Your Favorites on Windows Vista

If your computer is working on Windows Vista, you can add links in the navigation pane so that you can still access it from any folder or any other library anytime. You can do this by first opening the folder that contains the subfolder that you wish to be added then after that, simply drag the icon from the original folder to where you want to add it on the Favorites folder that is shown on the navigation pane. The same as in Windows 7, you also can’t add individual files so it appears on the as a link on the Favorites folder but you can add them to the folders that is already on the Favorites folder.

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