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What if problems still persist even after you did all available options to fully protect your machine? If you already strengthened all your computer’s defenses to the fullest, the rest now depends on what you do. Here’s a list of things that you can do to protect your computer from other forms of threats.

Beware of Fraud Emails – Never click and download attachments on emails that came from sources that you don’t even know. Most fraudulent emails come from people trying to get access to your financial information or other things that they can take advantage of for their own benefit. Instead of clicking “OK” or “Agree”, click on the exit icon instead.

Avoid downloading from unverified sites – Be sure to download your contents from only the verified sites. Websites containing some too-good-to-be-true promises are practically dangerous. Most of these websites contain pop-up messages and advertisements giving you the clue that a spyware or any other malicious program is present. It is always recommended that you avoid visiting these sites.

Practice caution when you install some file sharing programs – After installing a file sharing program to your computer in order to trade files, music and other media, you need to know that you are also opening your machine’s hard disk contents to other users.

Save files rather than having them set to “Run” – If in case you’ve decided to download a file from the Internet, click “Save” instead of “Run” or “Open” so that your antivirus software can have the chance of scanning the file for any malicious component that will otherwise come in contact with your system if you “Run” the program right away instead of saving it first.

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