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How to Describe Your Problem to a Computer Repair Professional

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Explaining what happened to your computer is a tough job. Even if you’ve already decided not to fix it yourself, you still have to be prepared to figure out what could have caused it.

Pointing out the exact problem, when it started and how you suspect it started is essential and can even save you some money from repair charges.

How to prepare yourself

Follow these steps to prepare yourself before talking to a computer repair professional.

1. Be prepared before visiting or calling

Telling the exact thing requires some mental efforts on your side. It will be very helpful if you think of what exactly had happened, how it happened and when did it start happening.

This can save you more time and even cut off some of the repair cost. A detailed overview of the problem is a must!

2. Be thorough and Specific

I touched this, I pressed that, I copied this, and I erased that. Be specific on the things you did before the problem started.

Organize the thoughts well and use clear words to identify the parts you touched or the keys you pressed and the things you did.

3. Communicate clearly, avoid being emotional

Things will not be understood if you put some emotions to how you say it. Try to communicate clearly. Speak slowly, enunciate clearly and be nice!

Do these 3 simple tips and your computer problem will surely be understood and repaired right away!

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