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How to Remove Spyware and Protect Your Computer Against Certain Viruses

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Viruses are all over the Internet and computing space since the early years of computers. At present, these devils have evolved to be more dangerous and disastrous proving themselves to be the mortal enemy of computer owners. The existence of this malicious program together with today’s adware, spyware and malware has been a very big problem especially when they first found their way to computers.

This is the reason why software companies developed antivirus program that has also gone through many transformations and component additions in the past years. Protecting your computer against these destructive programs is essential to preserve both software and hardware.

How to Install Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft shook the world of antivirus programs when it announce the release of “Microsoft Security Essentials”, it’s own antivirus brand that is offered for FREE to all genuine Windows operating system owners. This virus protection software also has the edge among the rest because it works silently on the background without all the prompts and pop-up warnings. To get your copy of Microsoft Security Essentials, just do the following steps:

1. Make sure that you know the bit system of your machine (if it is 32 or 64-bit). You can find this out by clicking on the “Start” button then right-clicking on the “Computer” link then choose “Properties” from the pop-up menu.

2. You will see some information about your computer from the window that appears after you click “Properties” including the bit-system

3. Go to the Microsoft Security Essentials website by copying the link below to the address tab of your browser and pressing “Enter”:


4. On the website, click on the “Select your version” box to open the dropdown menu containing the options.

5. Click download. Just wait until the download file starts.

6. Once the download process is finished, install the program.

7. Just follow the on-screen instructions for the installation and you’re done!

Important Note

Be sure to uninstall your old antivirus program before installing Microsoft Security Essentials to avoid system damages because of the programs conflicting against each other.

Installing good virus protection software is the first step in ensuring optimum system performance. Don’t skimp on this aspect but instead give your best to it so you can enjoy using your machine for a much longer time.

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