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How to Set a Specific Photo as a Folder Icon

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Are you tired of seeing the folder icon on your machine’s file directory? Windows has the feature that gives you the freedom to save files into different folders but the problem is when these folders lie side-by-side on the screen, there seems to bbe nop difference at all on how it appears and what it contains.

This problem can now be solved by setting a specific photo as an icon for a specific folder. To do this, just follow the steps below:

  1. Browse to the folder that contains the photo which you want to make as a folder icon.
  2. Once you find the photo, right-click on it then click “Rename”.
  3. Type “folder.jpg” then click anywhere on the screen so the change becomes permanent for the file.
  4. Copy the photo to the folder that you want the photo as icon for and you’ll see that the icon changes from the ordinary folder to the photo that you renamed as “folder.jpg”.

That’s it! You now know how to set specific photos as an icon for a specific folder. this is very useful in especiallly if you want to employ uniqueness to some libraries on your computers documents.

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