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Using the Problem Steps Recorder in Windows 7/8

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Windows now has a brand new and awesome feature. This allows a user to find out what happened after an error happened when someone else used the machine. It is also a very useful tool that enables you to walk someone through a problem and identify the origin of an error that is otherwise hard to fix, trace and understand.

This new feature is called the “Problem Steps Recorder” allowing a user to press a button that will initiate the recording and capturing of all the keystrokes and Windows that a user went to before an error or a problem happened. This makes the troubleshooting process a lot easier.

To take advantage of this awesome feature, just follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the “Start” button.
  2. On the Start Menu search box, type in Problem Steps Recorder or PSR.
  3. Click on PSR under the programs category of the search result.
  4. Minimize the Problem Search Recorder Window.
  5. Open the first page of the program that keeps on giving you the error message and other problem.
  6. Switch back to PSR and open it.
  7. Once you arrive on the PSR Window, Click on “Start Record”.
  8. Go to the program that gives you the error or problem report then click on the buttons that you went through before the error happened. Be sure to click everything in the right sequence if you still can remember everything or at least repeat the sequence very closely.
  9. Go back to Problem Steps Recorder.
  10. Go to the “Stop Record” button and click it.
  11. A “Save as” box will appear.
  12. Choose the location where you want to save the file.
  13. Name the file according to your preference.
  14. Then Click “Save”. The file will then be saved as a zip file on the location you have chosen.
  15. The saved file is now ready to be opened by extracting it from the zip file using “Winrar” or “Winzip” applications available for download (FREE) online.
  16. You can also send the file as an email attachment to someone who is helping you troubleshoot and fix the problem so they can better understand what happened and rightly identify the steps that should be taken to fix the problem.

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