Prevent Computer Problems with These 9 Tips


Slow processing speed, system hangs, booting problems; these are all signs of computer problems that can get worse if not treated right away. Most computer owners are just contented with suffering the consequences but you shouldn’t be one of them. Learn some simple ways of preventing these common problems by reading down to the end of this article!

Prevent Problems? How?

There are many things that you can do to prevent problems that keep coming back in your Windows computer or one that might have cause most of your files to be lost in the past. It always a fact that preventing problem from happening is always best than treating the effects that come to the surface whenever something wrong happens so if your Windows machine contains some crucial files that you can’t afford to lose, observing the tips below might help save the day and let you stay away from troubles that is caused by different factors coming from both online and offline sources

Tip # 1. Avoid Malicious Emails

Is your inbox full of spams and emails containing attachments? Do you know the senders of those? If not then you better ignore such for opening and downloading the attachments may just cause problems. Most emails of this type contain harmful spywares, adwares and bots which can enter your computer and start destroying it.

Tip # 2. Say No to Viruses

Saying no to viruses is tantamount to making sure that you have an antivirus software installed on your machine and making sure that it’s updated regularly to have the latest virus definition. Additional protections are also available like USB antivirus, internet security and other protection softwares that will surely protect your system 100%!

Tip # 3. Stop Visiting Bad Websites

Websites also contain viruses especially those that contain attractive contents like XXX sites. There are also some which offers great things which are quite impossible in real life. Most of these bad websites contain a lot of pop up messages and adwares or even spywares which silently crawls into your machine’s memory.

Tip # 4. Schedule a Regular Windows Update

Regularly updating your version of windows helps patch up security breaches and holes which can serve as a gateway for viruses. Always remember to schedule a regular automatic update so as to fix any errors and prevent serious software problems.

Tip # 5. Defragment Regularly

The hard drive is the brain which stores all your files. In time, as you use your computer for a lot of tasks, your hard disk develops some unused packets between used spaces which is a waste of memory space. Defragmenting your drive helps organize your files making it easy to access and heal in times that some gets corrupted.

Tip # 6. Remember to Repair Registry Errors

Repairing registry errors helps fix problems that causes your computer to slow down and hang. Booting problems are also fixed by executing this task regularly. There are free registry repair softwares which you can download from a lot of trusted sites. It just needs some researching and downloading job.

Tip # 7. Take Care of the Hardware

All of the software you are using won’t function without the hardware. Remember to clean your machine regularly. Wipe away dusts from underneath its keyboard, wash the LCD screen with a cleaner and avoid leaving your computer plugged even if it’s already full.

Tip # 8. Refrain from Inserting Portable Media Coming from Just Anyone

If you own a computer and you brought it to a place where there’s no one else who brought one then chances are they would be inserting or connecting portable storage devices such flashdrives or portable hard drives that may contain viruses like “Recycler” and other forms of malware which can harm and infect your Windows system. To prevent this from happening, you can either refrain from ever inserting these storage devices to your computer or scan its contents first with a strong antivirus software to detect and delete any harmful contents that it might have.

Tip # 9. Avoid Using Illegal Software

Some websites offer premium versions of a software for free. In most cases, these versions are called “Cracked” which means that there’s something in it which have been removed to unlock its premium or paid features. Other components may have also been added so it won’t be detected as an illegal version but you really won’t know what’s been removed and what’s been added. in some cases, developers who create a cracked version of a software may add a tracking bot or a keylogger in it so they can get some important information about you. This has happened many times to different users whom we’ve got acquainted with so it is always best to avoid these supposed “FREE” premium version of any software so you can be spared of any problem that they can bring to your computer and all of its contents.

Doing these 7 easy tips will help you enjoy a better computer performance. Don’t overlook any minor problems. Everything always starts small. Fix it as early as it starts and you will be free from any serious computer problems in the future!