Registry Easy Review

Registry Easy is slowly making its way to the top with its fully loaded scan and fix engine that promises to fix the problems that has long been taking harbor on your machine’s registry and on all other crucial parts of the Windows operating system. The software is developed by a China based company which has a decent looking website. One remarkable thing that Registry Easy has is its system optimizing tools that seems to cover a lot of aspects of the Windows operating system including Internet connection and memory. It is also fast in scanning the registry and fixing the errors that it detects wherever it is on your Windows machine.


Registry Easy has a variety of features that promises to help you get the most out of your Windows computer. It has a scan and clean feature that cleans the registry, Internet usage traces and eliminates junk files. Before you do your first scan, the software automatically backs up the registry so you can easily restore things back to a working state if in case something goes wrong. You can also find an Internet optimizer tool, system fix tools and other features that works for the good of your system.


The software has a built in backup and restore feature that helps prevent major system damages and problems caused by changes in the registry. We also like that the software tells users to backup the registry first before moving on with the scan and fix process. This is a good precautionary step that is not initiated by the user but by the software itself. This is an excellent and a recommended feature especially for novice users.

Ease of Use

Though looking old and classic, Registry Easy’s interface is very simple, intuitive and easy to use. All features are located on the left side of the software Window and are organized into categories. This helps lessen confusion and disorientation especially to novice users. All errors that are detected are also clearly listed and categorized according to the software’s scan and fix engine. However, the very fast scanning of its registry clean feature and the other system optimizing components that it has creates doubts of whether it really does clean and fix everything or it’s just a fake feature that disguises as an add-on performance enhancing component.

Help and Support

Registry Easy is developed by a China-based company that maintains a decent looking website. The company also maintains a FAQs section that contains almost all the answers that you need regarding some common problems and questions that you might have. The software itself has a built-in help files which you can run to for quick guides and answers. An email/ticket service is also open for any advanced software problems that can arise in the course of using the software. Unfortunately, there is no phone or live chat support for this otherwise nice piece of software.

answer to any concern that arises.