Registry First Aid

Registry First Aid Review

Registry First Aid is a type of utility software that cleans repairs and maintains your machine’s registry and makes the whole process simple yet effective. This application offers a bunch of registry cleaning and repairing features to help you get rid of some culprits that slow down your computer. There are also a handful of the basic features that will surely increase your computer’s speed and overall performance.


This registry repair application works by looking for any error and issues on you machine’s registry and repair it with its rich resource of error fixing tools to boost your system’s performance steadily. On a test done on a test computer, the program was able to find 493 errors within 220 seconds.

This efficient tool provides a variety of tools which are useful in checking invalid fonts and help file as well as application paths that needs some repair and fixing. Looking for invalid registry files and other corrupt, infected as well as junk stuff isn’t hard for Registry First Aid’s database and algorithm.

Scan and Fix

In addition to the program capabilities mentioned above, Registry First Aid also provides a few additional features inherent to most registry repair software at present. This includes the following:

  • A scheduler tool allowing users to set specific times for each scan process and at what particular time and date it automatically starts

  • An exclusion capability that lets you choose files and folders to be excluded from any scan and fix process. Setting this will protect files you don’t want to be touched by the software.

It’s just quite disappointing that the program doesn’t have a startup manager. This tool is a good bundle with the software which will help the optimization even better. A startup manager works best in disabling unneeded programs from running during startup which would result to a better and faster computer and a shorter boot up time. Unfortunately, Registry First Aid doesn’t have this.

Registry Backup

Registry First Aid offers another tool which can be very useful in times of mistaken clean up processes. This tool helps keep all your data and other crucial files safe and lessens the risk of losing it for any reason that is caused by the scan and fix process done by the software. The program’s backup capability along with its undo tool also offers you some get-out-of-jail-free ticket which is a big plus. This program also provides a breakdown of all the errors and puts it into categories and safety levels. By default, the program only would fix the errors labeled safe but it also has options that would activate the option of fixing issues labeled “Caution” and “Extreme Caution”.


Registry First Aid would make you get familiar with the registry easily with its simple yet effective interface. The program has features and tools similar to the other brands in the market which are perfectly outlined and placed on an intuitive interface fit for every user. The main interface has three main menus which categorize other tools namely “Registry Maintenance”, “Registry Management” and “Registry Backup”.

Within these categories are customizable options which you can use from according to your own liking. It also offers other advanced options on a specific area which allows a user to change the appearance of the program’s interface, set scheduled scans and choose the locations to be excluded in any scan and fix process.

Help and Support

Registry First Aid offers enough number of support options you can choose from just in case you run into a problem. There is a decent FAQs section available as well as a series of demos that will guide you on how to properly use the software and make it function the way you want.

Unfortunately, the only way that provides you an opportunity to speak with a customer support representative is through email which is quite a drawback compared to other brands that offers live chat support and a phone support.

What We Think

Registry First Aid can make a decent choice of registry repair software. This application is designed for advanced users than beginners which make it a bit confusing to some novice users who don’t know really much about computer registries as well as the cleaning and repairing process. The application also offers an adequate amount of tools and features but it lacks other advanced options compared to the other registry repair software we reviewed. Taking time to know the software would probably demand time for it does not offer the single-click convenience like other brands.