Top 15 Windows 10 Productivity Tricks You Need to Know

Windows 10 has been around for almost 2 years  now and many breathed a sigh of relief after its release. As Microsoft’s way of saying apologies, this next generation Windows OS was a free upgrade for a year and many chose to get it.

Now, a new major build is in the making and is scheduled to be released in Spring. How well do you know Windows 10? Have you mastered it enough to say that you’re ready for the Creators Update that’s going to be offered free?

Master Windows 10 With These 15 Tricks!

In this article, we’re going to give you the top 15 productivity tips and tricks that you need to master in your Windows 10 machine. Most of them are not available in previous Windows versions but all are going to be carried over to the upcoming build. Just follow the steps described in each item that are shown below to see what each trick does.

15 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

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Owning a Windows machine is like having 2 devices in one! Microsoft has introduced the Metro environment back in Windows 8 but it had plenty of flaws back then. Even the supposed better version called Windows 8.1 didn’t solve most of the problems completely.

Everything was just streamlined in Windows 10! Finally, both the Desktop and Metro environments were made to blend perfectly to create a fully functional hybrid OS!

What Other Tricks Should You Know?

Aside from the 15 useful tricks that are shown above, there are a few other keyboard shortcut tricks that we want to share. These tricks should help make your life with Windows 10 a lot easier. Here they are:

  • Windows + X: pressing this keyboard shortcut opens a special menu at the bottom-left portion of the screen. The menu contains shortcut links to different system locations and tools. Try it on your computer to see what they are. You can also access the same menu by right-clicking the Start Button.
  • Windows + E: Accessing File Explorer becomes a lot easier when you simply press this keyboard shortcut. This is helpful if the File Explorer quick launch icon has already been unpinned from the Taskbar.
  • Windows + S: Finding a file, tool or anything within your Windows 10 machine is easier if you use the Search feature. Launch it quickly by pressing this keyboard shortcut combination.
  • Windows + I: Press this keyboard shortcut combination to access the universal Settings app
  • Windows + P: Finally, this keyboard shortcut combination launches the “Project” menu. It works best for switching from one monitor screen to another without doing too many clicks.

These are just a few of the many keyboard shortcut tricks that work some magic in Windows 10. Do you know some secret productivity tricks in Microsoft’s latest OS build? Share it with us by describing them on the comments section below.

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