What’s New with the Search Feature?

No matter what operating system you are using, I am sure that you have already encountered a search box for you to easily get your way through tools, settings and programs that are deeply buried among the clutters of your computer’s memory. Search features are even found in websites, blogs and even on programs and applications themselves but on this tutorial, we will take a look at the search feature that is integrated with the Windows 8 operating system.

The Windows 8 operating system has some brand new way of doing things compared to the previous versions. One important aspect that it does differently is how it handles searches so if you are the forgetful type and you’re planning to use Windows 8 then you should do your homework first and try reading this guide so you can learn how the search feature in Windows 8 is used.

Better Search in Windows 8

The changes made in the search feature are not that big and overwhelming but it is geared towards improving and integrating a more powerful search capabilities that can even take you directly to the Internet. It has now become a central feature of Windows 8 so you need to learn some tips and tricks and as well as explore this feature so you can maximize everything that the new operating system has to offer. If you seldom used the search feature in Windows Vista or Windows 7 then everything will change now that you have decided to use Windows 8 so get your computer ready and follow all the steps that I’ll show below.

Search is on the Start Screen

Doing a search in Vista and Windows 7 was done by simply pressing on the “Windows Key” then typing the keyword of the stuff that you are searching for on the search box found at the bottom of the “Start Menu”. This has slightly changed in Windows 8 but the whole thing has some similarities.


Use the Search Charm

Another way of accessing the search feature is by using one of the “Charms” called the “Search Charm”. To access the Charms, simply point your mouse to the upper-right corner of the screen and then the Charms bar will appear. The first charm on the bar represents the “Search” feature.


The screen that will appear after the “Search Charm” is clicked will give bring you to the “All Apps” screen but of course, the Search feature will still be on the right side of the screen so you can easily enter the keyword of the stuff that you are trying to find.


Search Category/Filters

After typing the name or a keyword that will help Windows 8 search for the stuff that you are looking for and the search results start displaying on the left portion of the screen, you will notice other search filters just under the search box. These filters help refine the search into more specific categories if in case you are not able to find the item from the main search results. But of course you first need to think of the possible category where the item could be grouped on these three filters “Apps”, “Settings” and “Files” but if you are now sure what it is then just go through each one of them until you find what you are looking for.


Search Within an App

Another great innovation done on the Search feature is its capability to do search even within an app. Now what does this mean. To illustrate everything just try typing a post code on the search input box then from the search filters, click on the one that says “Apps” then choose “Maps”. After doing so, you will notice that the “Map” app will open and give you the result of what you typed earlier (a postcode). Another way of doing this is by first opening the “Maps” app then clicking on the “Search Charm” and typing a postcode or name of a city then hit the “Enter” key.


Search Hints

When typing the name or keyword of the App, setting or file that you are looking for, Windows 8 gives you automatic hints that you can click to save time in typing since one of these search hints could be the one that you’re actually looking for, This is especially useful if you are looking for apps in the Windows Store and you are not that sure what exactly is the name of the app itself.


Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are not into using the mouse often then you can simply take advantage of some keyboard shortcuts that will help make everything easier. For instance, if you are searching for an app then you can simply press “Windows + Q”. For settings, you can press “Windows + W” and if you are searching for files, just press “Windows + F”.