Exclusive Training Products

At Windows Techies, our goal is to make learning, using, and mastering Microsoft Windows as easy as possible…

Let’s face it, computers can be hard.

There’s what seem to be infinite possibilities and directions to go in, and when you’re trying to wrap your head around one concept, others are constantly thrown in your face.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Our unique approach to teaching you the skills you need is based on just a few basic concepts.

  1. Offer the material in as many formats as possible so they can be consumed and referenced anytime, anywhere.
  2. Break the material up into step by step actions designed to meet a very specific objective.

That’s it.

Now let me show you what I mean.

Multiple Learning Formats

Do you learn best by reading? Or maybe you prefer to listen to instructions as you perform them on the screen? How about following along as you listen and watch a teacher perform tasks? Or better still, would a combination be your method of choice?

Well, with our products, it doesn’t matter. Each training program is offered as a guide book, audio course, and video course… At no extra charge.

However you learn best, we’ve got you covered.

In addition to learning materials, we also offer hand-picked software packs, or suites, all completely free.

Step By Step Instruction with Clear Objectives

We know your time is valuable. And that’s why we get straight to the point.

If you want to know everything there is to know about computers, there are plenty of “encyclopedia thick” books out there.

Our products are designed to get you from point A to point B in the least amount of time possible, yet still completely understand the concepts so you won’t have to relearn them in the future.

Each is designed with a very focused topic in mind, a topic that will make direct improvements to your everyday computer use.

And we have a handful to choose from.

But first…

How to Use the Windows Techies Training Courses

Ultimately, how you decide to go through each training course is up to you. However, for fast success, we recommend you follow he path laid out here.

You should immerse yourself in the training.

Start out reading the guidebook, then watch the corresponding videos after reading each chapter. Next, listen to the audios whenever you get a chance.

By hearing this stuff multiple times, you will engrain it in your memory much better.

But you can’t just watch and read. You need to actually do.

That’s why, at the end of each chapter, we summarize what you have learned (for easy reference) and give you practice exercises to work through. These practice exercises are designed to make a strong connection in your brain between what you learned and what you know how to do.

In addition to the practice exercises, we also include a section titled “Your New Powers” that shows you what you are now capable of doing.

Make sure to do these things every day. But don’t worry, we call them powers for a reason. They’re fun. And you’ll enjoy doing them.

By building one power after another, since each chapter builds on the previous, you’ll collect a full arsenal of powers and will be able to use a computer without any problems.

We’re making sure you learn this stuff for the long haul.

Now, let me show you which courses we offer…

“Make It Work”

If you’re brand new to computers, or still trying to figure out how everything works, we recommend our most basic package, “Making Computers Work for You.”

In this course we teach you everything you need to know to feel comfortable around a computer. The biggest thing here is that we take the mystery away from how computers work so you don’t see them as being difficult to use.

Computers are actually *very* easy to use, you just can’t be afraid of them.

Once you realize just how easy, and you have some experience and familiarity with using them, we can get into a little more advanced topics. Nothing too advanced, we’re stil on basic computer workings here, but you’ll learn a lot of the tricks to make your computer time more efficient and more expansive.

You’ll able to do more things, and do them fast.

Once you’ve mastered this course, you will have the ability and confidence to continue learning on your own.

For the next step in your education, we recommend…

“Self Defense”

Keeping your computer, and your family, safe online is of the highest importance. That’s why we had to create this course.

The Internet is a great place filled with countless opportunities. But just like the real world, there are bad people out there doing bad things.

Luckily you’re usually safe from behind the screen, the most common form of harm is only done to your computer. But there are real personal risks too.

In “Self-Defense,” You’ll learn how to avoid hackers, identity theft, viruses, scams, frauds, and much more. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your data, and your family, are safe and secure.

But sometimes things still go wrong (even when you are completely safe), and you need to rescue your computer…

“Back to Life”

In our book, “Back to Life” I show you how to fix almost all common problems that computers have. From viruses to slowing down to data loss and much more.

When you first got your comptuer it was fast, I know, but its slow now. There are many reasons why this happens.

One reason is that software is getting more and more demanding. The software keeps moving forward but your computer is frozen in time. This makes it *seem* like your computer is getting slower, when in fact, the software is just asking it to do more things.

When you use the right software, software that works to improve efficiency, you end up with the appearance that your comptuer is getting *faster*.

It’s the same as with the slow issue we just talked about, your computer isn’t really getting any faster, it just is being asked to do less by the software thatyou’re running, making it appear faster.

So with that said, what are some other reasons your comptuer can slow down?

Another reason is having too many programs installed. With each program you install, files and commands get left around all over the place. What happens is that this all piles up on the comptuer,
bogging it down, asking it to do too much, and leaving less available resources for the active tasks you are working on, the things you are asking it to do.

Can you see where this is going? It’s all about asking your computer to do less at any given time so that more of it’s resources are avialabe to do the things you are focusing on.

In addition to the files and commands that get left around, some programs want to start up automatically and run in the background. Skype is a huge offender of this. I don’t like programs that do
this. I think all software should ask you if you want it to start automatically and explain *why* you *might* want it to.

The fact is, most software **does not** need to start automatically.

The developers just think their software is the greatest thing since sliced bread and want it to run 100% of the time to boost their egos.

Either that or their software is too bloated and they want to make sure parts of it are already started up so when you go to run it, it starts up fast and you don’t notice.

These thigns aren’t usually an issue with the software we recommend, but there is a good chance you have this bloatware on your comptuer already. It comes preinstalled when you buy a new comptuer and it gets installed automatically with things you download. it’s a huge problem.

Viruses are the worst offenders of this because they have no good intentions at all. They don’t care how slow they make your comptuer or how much damange they do.

Anyways, all of these problems can be fixed quite easily and we show
you exactly how “Back to Life”.

You’ll learn you how to make your comptuer just as fast, if not
faster than the day you got it.

I’m also certain your computer has never run at it’s peak performance, and we’re going to fix that.

We also have software that can help you do most of the tasks. You won’t need any technical knowledge at all. You just need to know what should be done, run the correct fixer software, select a couple settings, and off it goes.

WIth the right knowledge you can have a faster computer than you ever thought possible. You problably don’t need to buy a new comptuer, so buying this course could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run, thousands over the course of multiple computer replacements avoided.

Hand Picked Software Suites

In addition to the training courses, Windows Techies also offers collections of hand picked, quality verified software… Most completely free of charge.

There is so much software out there. Some is good and some is bad.

You might be worried that you don’t know how to tell or what you should download. That’s why we put these software packs together.

You can be confident that each is a high quality piece of software that will only help, not harm, your computer.

You’re Just Seconds Away From Improving Your Windows Experience

Whichever of our courses is the best fit for you, you can be confident that it will improve your computing experience.

Choose one, or choose them all, and let us know what you think.