Advanced System Optimizer 3 Review

Advanced System Optimizer 3 (ASO3) by Systweak is one of the best system optimizer available in the market at present based on user reviews from different sites. Its components excel in repairing most registry errors as well as eliminating culprits staying on your hard drive and protecting your system by sweeping away all privacy traces and making some sluggish system processes perform faster.

The application’s easy-to-use layout is loaded with tons of features which are all user-friendly and extremely effective. If you’ve been suffering from a slow computer then you must get the Advanced System Optimizer to take care of all the clutters.

Systweak is endlessly developing system tools and utilities. ASO3, one of Systweak’s best is a comprehensive suite of what the company can offer that claims to be everything that a computer owner needs to maintain and optimize any machine. Testing it was really an exciting experience and we outlined its performance on the items below:

The Setup

ASO3 has an easy and quick installation. Its fast installation unmatched all the effective utilities that it has. We were thinking that this comprehensive system optimizing tool would take long to install but it proved us wrong. The installation just took around 2 minutes without any issue encountered. After the installation, the program’s main interface would appear.

Repair Utility

The repair category has a lot to offer. It doesn’t only clean the Windows registry; it also makes everything compact for easier management and updates your hardware drivers that have become outdated. These features essentially help Windows to operate as smooth and efficient as possible. Its registry repair function lessens all possible instances of system crashes and other system errors and the driver updater makes sure that all of your hardware components are used effectively.

In addition to the features mentioned, Advanced System Optimizer offers a PC Fixer that extensively checks your system for issues related to your version of Windows. When an issue is detected, the utility takes the proper action and resolve them to maintain system stability and bring your system to its peak performance.

System Optimization

Advanced System Optimizer 3 keeps all your system running smoothly with utilities that defragments your drive, optimizes your system’s memory usage and removes duplicate files. These components ensure that all software and hardware runs at its peak performance and keeps unnecessary files away from your machine’s memory and hard disk space.
System Management

ASO3 makes system management easier for every user. These components include a fully functional startup and uninstall management utilities. The startup manager component removes unneeded programs that automatically run at startup. This in return increases boot time in a very noticeable difference. The uninstall manager on the other hand functions like the “Uninstall” option on your Windows Control Panel but it offers more options and is easier to use for added user convenience.

Advanced System Optimizer 3 can also manage drivers. It scans your computer system to check and ensure that all installed hardware drivers are up to date and functional. If in case it finds something that is outdated, it immediately downloads the latest driver and installs it quickly and speedily.

System Security

ASO3 has a wide variety of features that drives malicious software away from your computer. It regularly runs checking all system processes for any sign of infection. Often times, the spyware protector detects any spyware before it can even start its destructive job to your system. It also has a tool that encrypts essential files and documents making them unreadable to people who doesn’t know the password. There’s also our favorite, the File Shredder which removes files from your drive effectively making it unrecoverable even by the best file recovery software.

Other Features

  • Game Optimizer- A very handy tool designed to rid your system away from any distractions leaving users with their favorite games and nothing else. It also allocates the right amount of system resources to ensure that games are running smoothly.

  • Disk Tools- A component that scans your hard drive for existing bad and erroneous sectors. It also attempts to recover any crucial data that is within those bad sectors.

  • Smart PC Care- A feature that optimizes your computer system in one click. Upon starting this process, a spyware scan and deletion of all unnecessary files as well as replacement of outdated drivers and registry errors initiates. The program automatically mends all issues that it finds. This scan and repair processes can be set to manually initiate or even scheduled to automatically start.

Ease of Use
Advanced System Optimizer is an extremely effective program but it’s very easy to use. All of the features in it are well organized and are conveniently categorized for easy accessibility. Even its default settings are capable of resolving any system issue efficiently. It also provides even more setting tweaks for those who would like to have advanced options up and running for this system utility software.

Help and Support

Systweak offers a great support to their customers. Their website provides a dedicated section for support, knowledge base, FAQ and as well as a newsletter section. The support staff also responds right away to any customer query through phone and email. Their toll-free support hotline is also available and is conveniently sitting on the upper right corner of ASO 3’s main Window.

What We Think

With all the needed components for protection, updates and optimization for modern computers, ASO3 is an excellent buy for anyone who wants a system optimizing suite not only because of its numerous features but also of its effectiveness and its strength in standing on Systweak’s claim of efficiency and convenient use in an easy-to-understand interface.