Advanced System Care Pro Review

The registry cleaner function also includes a handy component that reveals the level of risk brought by a detected registry entry. You also have the freedom to choose the part of the system that you want to scan and select the files that you want to exclude from any further scans.

Privacy Sweep

Advanced System Care’s Privacy Sweep feature takes care of the cleaning process of all the tracks stored by your system on web browsers and other event logs. Activity and log traces like browsing history, Windows history data, cookies, cache data and files left by some processes that you do in popular browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari).

Tests and evaluations regarding this component revealed that the software was 100% successful in deleting browsing history and other traces. With Google Chrome, it left a little bit of browsing data while it successfully deleted cookies on Internet Explorer however; some temporary Internet files were left since these are labeled as junk files and a different tool included in the software bundle would handle these ones. On other browsers like Firefox and Opera, this feature was able to delete some cached files, browsing history and other cookies.

Deep Care

On Deep Care mode, the software adds some system optimization options that will scan the hard drive for errors, subtle vulnerabilities on Windows update and other hot-patches as well as defragmentation of your drive for a faster system.

All choices for optimization cover not just your system’s overall performance but also some network related tweaks. The program includes a set of 5 user profiles that can adjust to either home, daily use or top performance which is subdivided into two categories (Suitable for home users and office work/server) both matching a business user’s needs.

For the network optimization part, There are presets for DSL, LAN, FIOS and dial-up as well as configurations. All you need to do is to choose the type of connection used by your machine then the application will take care of the rest automatically.

The problem however is that after a series of tests using the different connection configuration and the application always reported that there were no problems on the current settings which are unlikely to happen at any given instance.

Turbo Boost Module

This application component guides you through a configuration process more like a wizard that allows you to tweak some services, applications running in the background and even Windows themes to help your machine be on the perfect setting for maximum performance.

This means that some applications like compatibility cache for printer, tablet, scanner, DC support; automatic proxy detection and sharing media to other devices will be disabled. Not all of this stuff are used and needed by some average users however, if you are using your machine for certain tasks and you have some peripherals used at home or in your office then you better not use this module.

Toolbox Module

The toolbox module is probably the richest section of the system bundle. There are more than 22 individual applications included in it each functioning to restore some broken operating system functions, remove some useless data and prepare your machine for its peak performance.

Three of the components listed within this module (IObit Malware Fighter on security menu, Smart Defrag and Game Booster on optimize menu) all need to be downloaded.

Aside from the utilities mentioned above belonging to the Quick and Deep Care modules, you can also find an uninstaller, a file shredder and a RAM Optimizer that comes with an easy-to-use interface compatible to most XP operating systems coupled with an Internet booster which makes some tweaks to any browser to boost bandwidth consumption and a startup manager as well.

Repair Menu

The Repair Menu has a tool for file recovery, Add-on manager for Internet Explorer and WinFix (a tool that fixes basic Operating System Problems). The latter component fitly repairs basic issues like the restoration of some system icons (Network, Computer, Recycle Bin) or even other shortcut arrows.

It can also fix some issues which are a bit complicated like resetting the folder view option to its default restoring thumbnails on Windows Explorer or even bringing back the functionality of the “Fonts” folder.

The program’s process manager within the Security menu section is not a complicated one which somewhat replicates and improves the function of the built-in Windows utility known as “Task Manager”. Opening it will show you the processes running as well as the RAM space consumed and the CPU usage with the priority that it runs with.

Looking at the details reveals both general information about the processes running as well as some bits of data for more advanced users including counters for memory and the loaded modules. Your system’s real-time performance is also shown with other graphic presentation of your RAM and CPU history.

There’s also quite a bit of options available. The App allows you to start a new process, stop those that are already listed running or change a priority on one of the processes.

The program’s component that manages hardware drivers automatically searches for newer versions of drivers which are available, set a backup for each and restore them at a later time when needed.

There are also some additional tools that can be found under the Control menu like the “Cloned File Scanner” detects and cleans duplicate items but tests has shown that the scanner does not really run a comprehensive comparison of some elements making the result poor and less reliable.

Disk Explorer

This component is designed to show the heaviest folders and files on your disk. The test does not take that long to respond and though most of the details are provided, it is better that some visual representation of how some files are placed and spread on the hard disk.

System Control

The application is one of the most important components of the suite since it allows the customization of the version of windows that your computer has. All of the regular settings are found on the screen all from the way some shortcuts are placed on the desktop, settings on security system and the options for the context menus like usage of its memory, effects and animation, the way your machine’s system starts and logon options for each user.

What’s Good

Advanced System Care Pro and its Quick and Deep Care section helps provide easier tweaks and settings for optimum system performance.

All of the modules within the software are organized so well and complicated processes have descriptions and tips.
The software suite combines all available tools a user needs to optimize and configure your machine’s system; although most of its components needs to downloaded, only one of them “IObit Malware Fighter” is a paid product.

What’s Bad?

Given the wide number of applications within the package, not all of them are really used and given much attention where most of it is not really that reliable and effective as you really expect.

What We Think

With all the utility bundles in the market, only a few of them are as complete as the one offered on IObit Advanced System Care Pro. It places all the things that you need to clean every system from trouble and put it on perfect shape.
The only drawback is the large group of tools included in the bundle which can sometimes be confusing to average computer users but the way everything is organized within the system, this should not be a major problem.