RegClean Pro

RegClean Pro Review

RegClean Pro, one of the popular registry repair software developed by Systweak stays on top of list on review sites because of its advanced registry error scan engine. This program is also capable of defragmenting your registry keeping it in smooth shape for faster system performance. Using RegClean Pro doesn’t require anyone to be a computer expert. RegClean’s easy-to-use interface offers convenient click-to-execute options in cleaning your machine’s registry errors.

The new RegClean Pro fixes invalid registry errors, Defragments and makes your Registry compact as well as improves your system’s response time. This great program also prevents system crashes and the renowned “BSOD” errors. In plain words, RegClean drastically improves your machine’s overall system performance.

How Safe It Is?

RegClean Pro offers features that are not found on other similar programs. It has a complete undo option for easy system image restoration and as well as registry backup functions before any registry repair session which enable users to reverse any change that was made if the need arises. These features really make the program worth the try.

The Good

Regclean Pro scans fixes and repairs Windows registry errors safely and easily. It is also compatible to XP/Vista and Windows 7 both the 32 and 64-bit versions. Beginners would also find the program easy to use with its interface that provides quick descriptions and information for every feature. Other advantages of the software include:

  • High Level of Effectivity- RegClean Pro really fixes and literally boosts your machine’s system performance.
    Strong and Stable System- The program’s configuration helps you get rid of unstable and error-prone entities.

  • Less Error Messages- RegClean Pro helps you get rid of junk files that inhabits on your registry and other temporary files that stays on your RAM which causes a sluggish machine.

  • Guaranteed Safety and Reliability- The installer doesn’t have any spyware, malware and adware unlike other brands.

Setup and Installation

RegClean installs easily without any problems. A trial version is also available but it is only detects and cleans up to 15 registry errors. The full version of the software is available at $29.95 and as soon as the program is installed, a full system scan initiates which will surely detect all registry errors and make your machine running like new again.

The program’s main interface shows tabs namely “Status”, “Scan Registry”, “Defrag Registry”, “Backup Registry” and “Settings”. After a scan performed by the program, a list of errors soon appears which can be fixed by the tools right away.


  • Registry Defragmenter

    Similar to the job done by your Windows Disk Defragmenter, RegClean Pro’s Registry Defragmenter helps organize all registry entries for easier system access. This function is critical in restoring your machine’s speed to a much better rate. With this feature of RegClean Pro, you can defragment your machine’s registry efficiently and effectively without sacrificing the safety and stability of your system.

  • Registry Scanner and Cleaner

    On a test conducted, the program was able to detect well up to a thousand errors. The software can even detect more but it would take a little longer scan time but still better off compared to other products in the market. The good thing about this program is ease of one-click scanning and fixing all going through each of the features and tools that it has.

  • Registry Backup Tool

    In case you’ve done something wrong with your registry and its large database, RegClean recommends its Registry Backup feature which can restore your system’s registry to a previous image. This feature allows you to backup and restore some registry files that had been inadvertently deleted with just one click.

What We Think

Considering the product’s great features offered at a low price of $29.95 a year, RegClean is a best buy for anyone who’s looking for a program that can restore even the slowest Windows machine. RegClean also offers high quality features that are guaranteed to do what the software promises.

By comparison, RegClean stands out among the other registry cleaner brands in the market. Everything from the price down to its great and effective features, ease of use and guaranteed safety makes this program soar on top of the list on most software review sites at present.