RegCure Pro

RegCure Pro Review

RegCure registry repair software from Paretologic is perfect software for anyone to use regardless if one is inclined to technology or just a novice computer user. RegCure has earned a lot of awards and praises from many reputable sites and earned awards from numerous sources for its popularity and effectiveness. It is no doubt one of the best registry-cleaner in the market at present.

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RegCure Pro lets you clean you machine’s registry safely and repair/remove all invalid registry entries with just a few clicks of the mouse. Windows crashes, error messages and a sluggish computer are commonly caused by registry errors. Regularly using a registry cleaner will help you get the once fast machine you had plus it will also make your system more stable with system performance reaching its peak without the need for any hardware upgrade or other software.

What RegCure Can Do

Basically, when you get RegCure, you are having all that a registry has. It repairs problems in the registry, fixes crashes, cleans the error messages and many more with just a single click of the scan or fix button. RegCure also offers automatic fixes for so many hard to find errors that are not easily detected and fixed by antivirus programs.

Ease of Use

RegCure Pro is an easy-to-download program offering a simple and easy-to-understand software interface. Depending on the size of your hard drive and the amount of files to be scanned, the average time to complete a single scan process is less than a minute. RegCure also explains each feature clearly and even provides tips and hints on how to use the software. RegCure is truly useful and efficient software both for novice and more experienced users.

Scan and Fix

RegCure can scan your machine’s registry in a lot of different ways incorporating both advanced and customized specifications set by the user. The automatic scan option runs through you entire computer with its results displayed right away after the process. If you are well-versed on registry details and log reports, you can choose any folder or registry database to scan or even do a manual scan. However, it is always best to avoid this if you’re not 100% sure of what to clean/remove.

Basic Features

Just like any other registry cleaners in the market, RegCure has its own set of tools and features that it uses to clear your machine from different problems that’s making it sluggish. These tools and features include:

  • Backup and Restore – Creates a backup of all the registry files before the scan process initiates so you can easily restore the files.
  • Automatic Repair – Automatically repairs items that need to be fixed while the system scan is ongoing.
  • Startup Management – a feature that can be enabled to launch during startup which manages startup items, enables those which are needed and disables the ones which are not necessary.

RegCure Pro works on a wide array of Windows versions including Windows ME, 98, 2000 Service Pack 4, XP Service Pack 1 and up including Windows Vista and 7 (32 and 64-bit versions). If your PC is running on these operating systems then you will not run into any problems in making the program run on it.

Help and Support

RegCure provides its customers almost all of the methods to talk with its technical support team. The program’s website has a rich resource of FAQs, an email support as well as a phone support. You can also participate on its community forum or send an email just in case the other methods are not available for you. This is a big advantage and an undoubtedly perfect way to take care of loyal customers. Overall, the program’s help and support line is a great thumbs up to us!

What We Think

RegCure is a program that provides an easy way to solve all the registry errors that has been plaguing your computer for so long which shows up in various ways like slowing down, popping up of error messages and crashing of your system. This program also gives its customers full support with its 24/7 customer service line. Paretologic also uses an online help desk where their technical experts can be reached and provide you with the help you need anytime.

RegCure also has a trial version that you can download and use. This is good for prospective customers who are unsure whether to buy the software or not. The software is truly a fast and efficient registry fixing utility offering multiple options that will surely make your machine run at its best. RegCure Pro is a highly recommended product that gives you the real value of your money. Truly a best buy for anyone looking for a fix to a long unsolved PC problem.

Click here to download RegCure Pro and Fix Your Computer (Recommended)