Registry Booster

Registry Booster Review

The registry contains configuration settings and other details that takes care of processes affecting your computer’s speed and performance. Over time as you use your Window’s machine for a lot of tasks, the registry starts to be crowded with unnecessary files or even harmful entries that may cause crashes and error messages to pop out occasionally or even make your computer slow.

Editing and fixing your Windows registry can be very tedious which is why you need the help of registry utility software like Registry Booster by Uniblue. This program helps find duplicate files and as well as those which are missing and corrupted then safely removes them from your machine’s registry. This small yet powerful application possesses the power to scan and remove all unnecessary files while optimizing other parts of your system to improve system performance.


Uniblue’s Registry Booster performs a full scan on all your major entries within the registry in just a matter of minutes and returns a comprehensive list on any problem it has detected. The feedback contains the issue’s location, how severe it is and other detailed logs.

The cleaning process takes a few minutes which is preceded by a full backup of your machine’s registry before any scan and fix as well as cleaning process. Registry Booster can take care of complicated registry problems like clutters within the registry and safely fixes issues. The company also offers a 60-day guarantee that you can take your money back just in case you decide that you don’t really need it after a series of trials.


Registry Booster possesses most features you can ever wish for in terms of registry-repairing software. A set of fully functional tools and features are what you really need in dealing with complex and sensitive issues on a computer’s registry database.

The software is capable of running on startup and finds invalid registry entries with just the minimum effort on your part. You also have the choice of dropping items down into the ignore list if you don’t want the program to mess up with some important files or even adjust a particular location of the registry manually.

Registry Defrag

The software showcases a Registry Defrag component which ensures faster load times. Putting your registry to a defrag process can be compared to defraggling your drive. Registry Booster can find related registry entries and organize them into one location. This helps your system perform faster and look for needed items easily.

Scan and Fix

The scan process only returned around 79 errors during a test performed which became the basis for this review. This number may seem like good already but given the number (more than a hundred) of errors inserted on the registry of the test machine we used, the scan result clearly shows that this is not the best product in the market. On the other hand, the entries it was able to detect and find were all safe to remove and were primarily causing the machine to run slower.

If in case one or more essential file was taken out of your system’s registry, it could have crippled the machine which could result it not to run normally. Unless you are well-versed with dealing on some registry problems manually, it is really best to just let software like Registry Booster to deal with the problems.

Other Tools

Registry Booster has other tools essential to ensure a clean registry free from all invalid files that could be taking refuge in it. You can also freely adjust it to scan specific areas of the registry or select other areas that you know which needs more cleaning. The list under the “Ignore” category is files that you don’t want to be scanned. The more advanced users usually use this feature but it’s still an important feature to have.

Registry Backup

Registry backup is an important feature that gives you the ability to automatically store an image of your registry before any scan and fix problem just in case the machine behaves weird after the process. Once this process is done, be sure to check a number of applications installed on your machine and test if everything is working fine. If in case you’re having a problem after the scan and fix process, you can always restore a specific backup then click scan again.


The program’s interface includes all components that your system needs to help it take care of clutters in the registry. These essential features are organized in a manner that would make everyone easily understand and use the features of the product. The main interface of the software contains four tabs along its top that has all the cleaning, backing up and repairing features. Under each tabs are sub-categories which provides ease in initiating other program components and tools

Registry booster is also designed with all the simple one-click processes and a scan feature that returns a detailed list of log entries. This can be a useful feature to take advantage of especially for novice users who are first time users of registry-repair software that would sometimes return technically-inclined jargons sometimes sounding like a different language. Registry Booster acts like a mediator and a translator between the registry and the user during these type of scenarios.

Help and Support

The easiest way to speak with a representative of the company is through a help request. This mode of communication usually takes a few days to complete but you are assured of getting your questions answered directly. Uniblue also has an extensive FAQs section and a User Manual is available on its website. Updates are also available but one feature that would surely attract others is a live chat support or a phone support which unfortunately is not present at the moment. This is quite a drawback on a steadily growing company like Uniblue.

What We Think

Uniblue continues to produce software that proves the company knows the way around each computer and the utilities it needs. Registry Booster is just evidence to this. The protection it offers is by far good. The safety it provides through its automatic backup feature also does well and the software only obliterates the invalid files that really make your machine slow.

This program is ideal for novice users looking for ways to optimize their machine’s registry. However, the lack of other modes of customer support is a drawback that’s quite annoying especially in cases that you really need urgent help from one who knows the software better than you do.