Registry Mechanic

Registry Mechanic Review

Registry Mechanic is a product that is designed to relieve you from the pains of having a sluggish Windows system. It also helps you clean your computer from junk files and registry related errors.

At this point, you need to realize that each time you want to edit your registry contents, there’s always a chance that something wrong would happen which will cause your system to perform slower and produce error messages that are quite annoying and most often, causes further troubles or completely damage your system. That’s the very reason why you shouldn’t try repairing or editing your registry manually.

This is when you need to use a program like Registry Mechanic. Having this powerful program installed on your machine will also ensure that your system is working fast and rids it away from the registry devils that slow it down.

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Ease of Use

Registry Mechanic provides an intuitive user interface that is completely effortless to use. Pacing, tuning up, sustaining and tweaking up your machine is so easy with the way this software makes all of its features available on its main page. Registry Mechanic regularly enhances its system and updates the way its user interface works. Its user interface and the program itself offer a lot in such a small yet effective combination of features you will surely enjoy and be thankful for.


Registry Mechanic works well on XP, Vista and Windows 7/8 (both the 32 and 64-bit versions). On a test conducted, the program was able to fix errors and speed up all computers on the different Windows versions above. Registry mechanic also features a one-click scan and fix feature that you’ll surely love to use more often.

  • Cleans Junk Files– Registry Mechanic also takes care of any junk file that has been staying on your machine making it slow and hard to manage. The program is designed to scan and detect junk files from different locations within your machine’s memory like browsing history on different browsers, cached files, log and temporary files and as well other items that should be ousted from your machine to keep it running clean and less vulnerable to virus infections and other software and hardware related troubles.
  • Takes Care of DLL Errors– Do you often encounter DLL errors on your Windows computer? DLL or Dynamic Link Library files are often affected by spyware, adware and other forms of malicious software like viruses which can cause error messages to keep popping out regardless of the instance or process that you’re running on your machine. With registry mechanic, fixing this errors don’t have to hard. The program offers a tool that can fix a DLL error problem which will surely spare you from the tedious task of dealing with the problem manually.
  • Optimizes Your System– Registry Mechanic is also loaded with tons of features that helps optimize system performance. Not only does it deal with registry problems, it can also fix other errors with just one click of the mouse.
  • Protects Your Privacy– Protect yourself and your online presence completely with Registry Mechanic’s tools for obliterating all traces of your online and offline activities. This feature is truly a 360 degree- protection that will truly rid you away from people wanting to track the things that you’re doing and take it to further some ulterior motives. Registry Mechanic also respects your privacy by avoiding the upload of any private activity file to their database.
  • Optimizes Memory Usage– Registry Mechanic is also capable of allocating both actual and virtual memory to help lessen instances of freezes, crashes and other related problems. The program constantly monitors your system giving close attention to how your computer uses your system resources which largely determines the speed and performance of several processes running within your machine. This way, your computer behaves way better than it used to especially before you installed Registry Mechanic to it.
  • Cleans Your Registry– Cleaning and organizing registry entries is easier with Registry Mechanic. The program helps you get rid of any files that should have been eliminated long ago. Doing this helps lessen boot up time and ensures system stability especially when what remains inside your registry are only the ones that your system really needs to work normally without necessarily getting slow or accumulating errors that may manifest as DLL file errors in the long run.Aside from that, Registry Mechanic is also able to scan (though in a quite slow pace compared to other brands) and returns a list of items that needs to be fixed, repaired or removed.

Other Features

  • Game Optimizer– System tweaks and other Windows settings for gaming don’t have to be made manually made. Registry Mechanic’s game optimizer feature makes sure that your system is prepared to run a game once you choose to do so. This feature is fully capable of allotting memory, disk cache, CPU usage and other system plan and resources for playing full-screen HD games on your Windows machine.
  • File Shredder– Registry Mechanic also works to completely remove a file away from your computer’s memory. Instead of purchasing something that works just that, you will do wiser to invest on Registry Mechanic which as more than what you actually need to keep your machine clean, fast and error free.
  • Help And Support– Registry Mechanic provides an email/ticket submit form for any customer query. The FAQs section also has a bunch of files that would guide users and answer common questions about the program. A userguide is also available as well as a community forum that is rich in information coming from other users regarding their experiences in using the program. However, unlike its counterparts, Registry cleaner doesn’t have an email and phone support which is becomes a drawback especially for people who need speedy answers.

What We Think

Performance-wise, Registry Mechanic would do quite great in helping your machine stand up after being beaten down by registry errors and junk files that has been plaguing it for a long time. The only drawback that it has is its interface that may somewhat confuse novice users. The program is also quite slow in scanning and fixing errors and doing other processes however, at the price of $29.99 a year and its efficient tools, you surely won’t regret having this piece of useful software installed on your machine.

Click here to download Registry Mechanic and Fix Your Computer (Recommended)