Registry Reviver

Registry Reviver Review

Registry Reviver is what registry cleaner software looks like at its best. ReviverSoft, the program’s developer did what it takes to provide a software that combines a registry cleaner/optimizer and a program that’s highly effective and easy to use. If your machine is sluggish or you simply want to improve its performance, Registry Reviver will help you with it. Its attractive and very easy to use interface contains just the right tools you need to optimize your machine’s performance by cleaning and optimizing its registry.

Whether you’re a new user and are just beginning to explore the world of computers or you’ve been mingling with them for a long time, Registry Reviver makes the scan and the remove process for invalid registry files easier.

The program contains a handful of advanced features that caters to the needs of more advanced users. However, you’ll find out that even its ordinary features can solve and provide the things you need in optimizing your system. All of its customizable general settings, the automated backup process and the great customer support combined earned it a top spot in different review sites at present.

Registry Reviver has all the things, both basic and advanced that you really need in optimizing your machine and cleaning it from all culprits that slows it down. The program does not only scan your standard registry locations, it also scans and clears cookies, temporary files, browsing history and many other unneeded files.

On a test done, Registry reviver detected over 2,000 issues. Most of the issues it found were on the COM and the ActiveX section of the registry. These locations contain objects and files in libraries that are no longer contained within your system.

In plain words, these files were taking up space on your machine’s system but in real terms, these files don’t really have any use. Registry Reviver wasn’t really on the top of the list when it comes to fixing registry issues however; it was able to detect all crucial errors that are making the test computer slow.


Registry Reviver includes a comprehensive list of useful features. We really like the fully customizable settings that it offers. The program can be set to run on startup, display the startup screen upon launching, close after every repair process, placed on the task bar/minimized while searching error items, it can be set to repair automatically, check latest updates and many more.

All of these features combine to make each optimization task easier and more convenient. All you need to do is set Registry Reviver to do a certain task and it will take care and initiate the process automatically.

Isn’t it great to have something that takes care and cleans your system and all its contents automatically? It’s like having someone who monitors your car’s mileage and once it needs to undergo maintenance, comes and takes it without you noticing it then bring it back to you in perfect condition.

You really don’t have to lift even a finger or shed sweat once you set all initial settings for the program. It just takes care of the process without needing any help.
The quality of each scan is also impressive. The software literally deploys more advanced scanning strategies and algorithms that searches deep into your computer’s registry.

The program’s Startup Manager also adds it a nice touch which gives you the choice of putting programs to auto-launch when the system starts. Once you run this feature, you will be surprised how many programs have found their way to your machine’s startup and you will know how many of them is not really needed. Just removing them from the list would make your machine startup even faster.


Registry Reviver’s automatic backup is a very comforting feature to have. Just in case something wrong happens during the clean-up process, you always have an access to files that will help restore all items before the process initiated which makes things less risky.

You can also set registry reviver not to backup your registry automatically if in case you are sure that everything you want to be removed or changed is completely not needed by your system. The program’s many choices of obliterating errors are just great! You can manually delete files that were detected or even ignore others you don’t feel comfortable to be deleted.

An error’s severity is also indicated for each issue. Areas that need special attention are also highlighted in red for it to be easily noticed. Everything about Registry Reviver is so balanced that a beginner wanting to make decisions can look up to especially its recommendations for fixing errors. Advanced users can also get a little help just in case an unsure moment arises.

Ease of Use

Registry Reviver is very easy to use and install. Just a couple of clicks on Reviversoft’s website would start the download process right away. Like other registry cleaner programs available in the market, Registry Cleaner serves as a mediator and interpreter between the computer user and the registry not to mention its cleaning and system maintenance duties which it does very well. After each scan process, you will be able to look at each issue detected, and choose which ones you would like to remove or retain.

In addition to this, the software also points out the location of the error and as well as a short interpretation of the issue.

Once the errors and issues found are corrected, Registry Reviver provides a list of all the errors it was able to find, fix and as well as those which were ignored and were retained in your system. The reverse repair button on the left side of the screen also offers an easy way to restore all changes just in case you’ve changed your mind or immediately get issues after the scan and clean process. All you need to do is click a backup date and time when your machine was still running normally and smoothly then hit the reverse button. This will restore all changes made and bring your machine’s registry exactly to its previous state. You can also redo the repair or even change the other items you want to be cleaned.

Help and Support

Reviversoft’s help and support is quite a drawback. It only has a live email support which sometimes takes a little longer to respond. If you get a problem and you need help, digging into the FAQs could prove to be more annoying than helpful. This is where the live email support serves the purpose. However, for novice users, a phone support could be a big plus which is something that the program support doesn’t have.

What We Think

Aside from the lack of support and customer service methods, Registry Reviver is a great program to have especially if all of the strong and easy to use features come into the picture. There also are additional advanced options that more experienced users will surely enjoy and make full use of. Set Registry Reviver to the choices and automations you want and you can sit back comfortably and let the software take care of your registry and system without you making efforts or being worried about it.