Registry Utilities Pro

Registry Utilities Pro Review

Registry Utilities Professional claims to fix registry errors and optimize it for optimum system performance. Just like other brands posing these claims, it is hard to know whether it’s true or not without really seeing it for yourself. We tested this software and tried to find out how well it does. The items below discuss our findings.

Ease of Use

Running a registry scan is easy and simple. The process initiates by just a simple click of the green “Scan” button on the program’s interface. Once the scan completes, a detailed list of the errors detected appears which you can fix all or just some selected items.

Avanquest Registry Utilities also doesn’t leave you uninformed about what it is doing to your machine’s system since it provides all the useful information you need about the scanning process. Some of the results shown include:

  • Individual error found
  • Rating of each warning (High priority, medium etc.) of each error
  • Location of the registry error
  • Error description

If you’re confused or you need help of what’s going on with the program, you can access a help section right away which is located at the upper right portion of the program’s interface.

Standout Features

  • Registry Cleaner- Scans your machine’s registry database and gives you a list of errors in detail. Once the scan process is done, you can choose to fix the errors found or just choose some specific items to fix. Fixing registry errors most commonly makes your system faster, better and reliable.

  • Registry Defrag- Compacts, organizes and makes your registry smaller. The smaller registry your machine has, the faster it becomes.

  • Startup Manager- ensures that only the important startup items are running. This feature automatically fixes startup errors that might cause bigger problems in the long run if left unsolved.

  • Registry Backup- Creates a backup of your registry files before a registry process to restore your registry back to a working state just in case something wrong happens along the way.

  • Optimization Wizard- Once this feature is enabled, system adjustments and settings to free up extra memory initiates automatically.

  • ActiveX Disabler- ActiveX controls commonly comes in the form of add-ons on some browser functionalities. However, there are ActiveX controls that can cause harm to your machine. This feature allows you to disable such components.
    Undo- The undo option allows you to restore all repairs or just specific ones depending on your choice.


Avanquest Registry Utilities Pro takes just 6 MB of space once it gets installed to your machine. Installation also just takes just 30 seconds. The program is also available on trial version however it just allows you to scan registry errors. If you want to repair errors, you need to buy the full version of the software.

Once the license is entered, the program would require you to manually restart the program. This is quite annoying for such a program that does a great job in optimizing your system.

On a test done to see how well it works, the program detected 42 errors in 9 seconds. On a second test, 220 errors were manually placed on the registry but it only detected159. Such a big miss for a program that claims to optimize system effectively. The machine tested before and after the registry scan and fix process didn’t show significant improvement.

Help and Support

Avanquest’s main technical and customer support is supported by but Avanquest’s support staff maintains all the support information content.

  • FAQ

    Only 10 Frequently Asked Questions were created. The format of the FAQs could have been better if the texts were made larger and spacing is improved. All FAQ entries are texts. Images and other resources to show a process are not available. Answers to questions like “How often should I run Registry Scan and Defragmentation” and “How to install Registry Utilities” are available.


    An email query to Avanquest’s support team receives a response within 24 hours. To test how well they attend to customer concerns, we sent them a query telling them that we were experiencing an installation problem and their response is like this:

    ** “Is there an error message upon installing the program? Please send me the detail of the error message you’re getting when you install the program”.**

    Asking me of further clarifications regarding the query I sent shows that they are really concerned and are very much willing to help me resolve the issue. Overall, we were pleased to the way they respond and as well as the response time.


    Having a support over the phone is great. Avanquest provides phone support which is a big plus compared to other brands that has none. Their phone support hotline is on their website and it’s a good thing to check it for any updates every now and then since phone support hotlines changes often.


    The live chat area seems to be offline on most occasions which gives Avanquest a negative score.
    Question and Answer
    You can always leave a question on Avanquest’s website for you to get answers from the company’s support team or from any knowledgeable person on the customer’s forum.

  • Knowledgebase

    There were no (KB) articles posted on the website. Having this could have been a plus factor.

What We Think

Registry Utilities Professional helped reduce the test computer’s boot time quite a bit and was easy to use. The detailed reports available after each scan was also useful as well as the undo option that is handy just in case something goes wrong but unfortunately, the program missed a lot of errors after the registry scan test giving the program an impediment from earning higher praises.