RegZooka Review

ZookaWare, a company that offers software aimed at cleaning, removing and as well as storing information on your computer now has RegZooka, a registry cleaner and a system optimizer in one.

The software offers a fast in-depth scan processes on your registry database cleaning and removing all invalid files that it finds. Doing a scan and clean process on RegZooka is just like turning on a switch of a series of machines performing different tasks in order. All you need to do is to simply choose the files you want to scan and the software takes care of everything that has to follow.


The process takes about two to three minutes which is blazingly fast compared to other software in the market. It is also able to find a large chunk of registry errors regardless of the speed the process took.

ZookaWare offers a free trial before you decide to really buy the software. This way, you are able to think if you really need it and even identify the real cause of the problem your computer is having. There are also other additional features like:

  • File-dependency scans

  • Issues logs

And many others that ensure scans and cleaning processes are done accurately, safely in a prompt manner. The application is able to go through and examine a long list of registry entries which includes:

  • Application Uninstall Entries

  • COM/OLE/ActiveX

  • Shared DLL entries

  • Font Entries

  • Application Path Entries

  • Sound and Audio Entries

  • Help files

  • Windows Startup Items

  • File/folder/path references

  • Empty Registry Keys

  • File Associations

  • Program Shortcut References

Scan and Fix

The scanning process takes three steps, identifying which items are to be removed and cleaning your machine’s registry is easy yet effective. On a test done, a total of 2,785 issues were detected just on the very first scan, this is somewhere on the average level compared to other competing brands.

This process is also easy and faster taking just about three minutes for such a large amount of data. There was also a file dependency scan that detected around 875 issues which improved the machine’s performance even more. RegZooka might not possess an in-depth scan compared to other brands in the market but the issues, no matter what type are easy to clean. Its other scan options also ensure that some major issues are detected and found.

Interface and Defrag

Almost all RegZooka’s basic as well as the advanced features are readily accessed on an interface that’s easy to use. The program also has a defragmentation option that ensures all registry entries are organized in a manner that optimizes system load time. RegZooka also provides detailed logs on any issue it is able to detect which advanced users would surely like and the way it is presented in plainly understandable English makes it fir for novice users alike.

Startup Manager

It’s not really surprising how applications and other software run when your computer starts. This is a good or bad thing depending on the use of the software. Often times, your machine starts with programs that you actually don’t need. These are the ones which automatically installed after a download process and other activities you’ve done before. RegZooka has a startup manager that manages just this.

This feature allows you to choose the items that should be granted to run at startup and which ones should not. It could have been quite pleasing to see an undo option just in case something wrong happens. However, since we didn’t encounter any issue on most processes so it didn’t really matter at all.

The Tools

RegZooka has standard features for your safety including a backup with organized logs for easy access. There’s also an item that seems not to be concerned of safety namely the startup optimizer on which page a warning is found telling users how dangerous it is to remove a software from your machine but there are no clear recommendations about the type of programs to be removed and which ones are to be retained.

In the section dedicated for the advanced tools, RegZooka continues to warn users how risky it is to remove items from this section. It is highly recommended that you avoid using any of the advanced features if you’re not confident enough of what you are doing. It could also been better if an indicator of every issues severity is present which will help users better understand a problem but unfortunately, this feature is absent.

Installation and Ease of Use

Ease of Use and installation is easy. The program’s main screen shows a step-by-step process and illustrations of the software’s functions. There are also menu items on the left pane using plain English to expound capabilities which more often becomes a lifesaver. The automated schedule creator lets you do away of tedious registry cleaning tasks. RegZooka is customizable which can be programmed to run at startup, close after every repair, automatically repair files after each scan or display a screen before formally starting.

Help and Support

ZookaWare provides all the basic technical support options. You’ll find a phone number, email as well as a FAQs section on the website. If you’re really having a hard time fixing a problem, a technical support representative will access your device remotely to help you fix the problem. Help and support and all its offered types by the company is an additional advantage for ZookaWare.

What We Think

RegZooka is a fair option for anyone looking for software to revive a bogged down computer. The quick but effective scan is able to effectively fix registry errors without compromising safety both to the software and hardware. It’s easy to use and fully comprehensible to novice users. If you’re looking for a good registry cleaner software that guides you through all the process, RegZooka is the best choice for you.