Reimage Review

Reimage aims to find and fix problems that commonly frustrate computer owners due to damaged, missing or corrupted registry files and other junk and temporary stuff that’s taking refuge inside your system. This repair software helps your computer run faster and prevents crashing, error messages and other serious problems which often causes deeper problems and damages other software hardware components.


Reimage possesses an online database of over 25 million definitions and other up-to-date components essential to maintaining your system in good shape.

The program scouts and scans your operating system trying to find culprits that often cause a sluggish machine full of errors and other problems that relates to missing and corrupted files which normally happen in time as you use your computer in doing some tasks that you are accustomed to.

With all the components of it stored online that is regularly updated, all system devils would surely have no match to it and would literally be obliterated in no time.
Reimage works by scanning and the registry and the hard drive. It is able to back up your computer’s system functioning like a recovery tool in times that a trouble happens needing some files to be restored in order for your machine to work normally.

This program can also uninstall unused/faulty applications and recover passwords which have been lost. It is also capable of defragmenting your hard drive which in return boosts up the startup time. Reimage reports the information it gets pertaining to your system and compares it to how other computers perform on average worldwide.

Another good thing that we noticed about Reimage is that it also checks your hardware for performance. Though other brands promise quite a lot, there is nothing else (from the system utility software we reviewed) in the market that offers the same feature like this one.

While the program is not capable of replacing any hardware component (which requires replacing it literally), it can point out if the problem you’re suffering is due to a failing hard disk or faulty hardware. For instance, Reimage is able to detect your central processing unit (CPU’s) temperature and provides you with some information about the safe temperature zone that your PC should be on as well.

Reimage also scans and identifies all instances that could be related to a malware and other computer viruses, Trojan horses, adware, spyware, rootkits and other forms of worm that could have been luring around your system. Once it finds any of these, it immediately deactivates and moves it into a quarantine folder. If the detected object proves to be malicious and is posing threats to your system’s stability, Reimage destroys it at once then goes on to repair and restore your system into good shape.

Though Reimage can do the above mentioned function, it should not be mistaken as virus protection software and should not be used as a substitute to such. The program is not capable of continuously identifying and blocking certain types of viruses. If Reimage detects a particular virus on your computer, it automatically suggests that you run its system repair component on safe mode.

Optimizing your operating is also another thing that Reimage does. It helps organize everything in order to ease up and shorten the time for your computer system in searching essential files needed on startup and other processes. It looks to your hard drive, registry and memory usage in order to do this crucial optimizing task.

The Interface

The program’s interface is very simple to use since Reimage features an automated scan and repair process. It is a fact that the software takes care of all the processes without you worrying about anything but it would also be nice if it allows you to at least have control on what it goes through and fixes. Unfortunately, that is one thing that Reimage lacks.

Compared to other system repair applications which offers both automatic and manual scan and repair process, Reimage only offers the automatic side. If you are the type of person who wants to have control over what a system utility software does then this aspect of Reimage might be a drawback for you.


Reimage, being automatic system repair software quickly looks deep into your system and gives you an overall view of how your machine is doing with points showing you its overall health. It starts out by giving you data about your system. It then lists other important piece of information regarding your CPU, motherboard, essential memory modules, inherent local drives and your video card.

The program also gives you information on the status of your disk partition in terms of free disk space and the used part of it.

Reimage lets you compare your systems overall standing to a worldwide average using its large database. This program also reports the speed of both CPU and hard drive as well as analyzes the overall stability of your operating system and the security level it operates on.

Scan and Repair

After doing the above mentioned tasks, Reimage then initiates the scan and repair process. It starts this by identifying all possible vulnerabilities and harmful files then obliterates everything that has been causing trouble to you machine’s system.

This program is also able to identify programs which crash frequently and other applications which are failing most of the time. Once damaged DLL files and Registry keys are detected, Reimage replaces them with new and functional files coming from its online database. Reimage can take care of BSOD (Blue screen of Death) errors, DLL (Dynamic Link Library) errors and other virus related damages.

Help and Support

Reimage offers support via email. The program also has a FAQs section, an online forum as well as a blog. Updates are also available on its website as well as maintenance tips to keep your program working at its best. The Support section on the website also offers help with receiving, obtaining, and storing your license key in a safe place.

The program also offers live chat but it seems like its offline whenever you use it and sends the help query you submit to the company in email form instead. The absence of a phone support and other customer service conveniences is somewhat a drawback.

Purchase and Usage

Reimage is available for download over the Internet. Once you decide to buy the software. You are actually getting a year’s license which means that you can use it as many times as you want within a year but unlike other system repair software, Reimage can only be installed into one computer. Once the license key is used. You can’t use it on other computers any longer.

What We Think

The Automated scan, repair and fix features of Reimage is an advantage as well as a disadvantage. While it is good that the software is capable of doing the optimization job itself, it can sometimes be annoying especially if it runs and does something to some files that you don’t want to be touched or moved. It’s lack of phone support and other customer service conveniences can also be a drawback especially to those who need a speedy answer to any concern that arises.