SpeedUMyPC Review

A computer’s performance may decrease in time as you use it for a lot of tasks. When this annoying thing happens, PC optimizers come to the rescue by cleaning away all junks and defragmenting the hard drive. Uniblue’s SpeedUpMyPC has a different way of approaching the matter. It involves some tweaks on a few Windows settings to improve responsiveness on your system and the speed of the apps you installed.

The program is available at $29.95 and its evaluation version offers just limited functions for optimization. Once the program gets into your system, you will be greeted by an interface which may appear a bit complicated at first but learning the basics as well as the deeper ones is not too difficult. The program’s main screen shows you the current status of your computer by displaying the total amount of issues detected on the latest scan and the date when it was executed.

On the lower part of the program’s main screen are 2 other utilities designed to complement and complete the set of tools developed to optimize your system namely Drive Scanner and Registry Booster.

The Setup

SpeedUpMyPC is a great tool for boosting system performance and installing it doesn’t take too long considering the amount of tools that it contains. The installation process took about 2-4 minutes and we didn’t have any problems while the process was running.

What it Does?

SpeedUpMyPC is a great tool for boosting the performance of your system. It accomplishes this by having system speed tools installed and running some system tweaks that disables unnecessary processes and cleaning up your machine’s registry based on the results brought by the scan performed.

The system scan is initiated automatically (by default) based on the factory set schedule especially after the program is installed. After the first time scan, the user can untick or deselect all the processes or settings that he/she does not wish to be changed.

Recent Improvements

Applications that monitor system performance are among the recent enhancements done to the 2012 version of the product. This includes CPU usage monitor, system tweaks and settings for Internet explorer add-ons and plugins, network card driver updater, a set of Core Operating System settings, disabling of update processes for applications and repairing some damaged registry entries.

Who Can Use It?

Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC works for Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8. It works efficiently in helping your system maintain its optimum performance. Home users as well as those who are on a Network Administrator post can take advantage of the features offered by this software to extend and preserve a PC’s life without necessarily performing a clean install or a format process.

What It Does

SpeedUpMyPC does dome modification to make your system run better and faster on its peak performance through speed boosting tools, Operating System Tweaks, Disabling unnecessary shortcuts and processes as well as fixing and cleaning up some errors and troubles going on inside the Windows Registry.

Though quite slow in doing these processes. The result stands out compared to its cheaper counterparts in the market. Uniblue also added recent improvements to SpeedUpMyPC’s arsenal which quite overwhelmed other users but not those who already have experience using PC system utility software.

Other Features

  • Ease of Installation- SpeedUpMyPC features an installer that works automatically with one click of the mouse. You just click once to initiate the installation process and once to finish it.

  • Registry Defrag- Just under the “Manage Tab” is a scan and repair featureyou’re your machine’s registry. This was intentionally placed on a separate location rather than being part of the “Option” to cut off some time in the overall process. With this, you don’t have to wait too long in doing a registry scan.

  • It’s Easy to Use- After the installation process, the options “SpeedUpMyPC immediately” and “Start Scan Immediately” are enabled by default. After the scans and other processes, you can change some settings right away with just one click of the mouse.

  • Safe and Comfortable to Use- For beginners, SpeedUpMyPC offers options like “Undo” to cancel other changes which were inadvertently done at any given time in the future. Its interface also offers a lot of options which are easy to use.

What’s Bad

Too much changes- Some of the visually attracting features of the earlier versions were disabled including the nice Aero display feature and its translucent icons within each selection box and the contents being shown on each window being dragged. These features should have been retained.

What We Think

For users having low budget and who want to restore a sluggish PC back to its fast performance, SpeedUpMyPC would be the best choice. It stretches your computer’s life without the tedious task of reinstalling your operating system and backing up your files.