SpeedyPC Pro Review

Most of us know what it feels like when you unpack a new computer, start using it then suddenly it gets bogged down for reasons that you are not familiar of. Some of the common symptoms of problems on your machine include longer startup time and overall processing slows down.

There are varying reasons of why these problems surfaces in time. Viruses, malware and other malicious programs cause system slow down. It is also possible that your drive is becoming too fragmented or it is already full of temporary files that you got from the usual task that you do on it for months. The registry is also a good place to look into for any problem whenever your computer starts slowing down.

Software companies also offer some solutions by providing some system optimization software. This is where we would like to introduce SpeedyPC Pro, one of the software that we set our eyes to in order to know its features (both basic and advanced.)

SpeedPC Pro contains all the components and utilities that you need to optimize your computer. This software has a quick and easy way in fixing problems that plague most computers. It is capable of fixing registry errors, detects some harmful programs/components, detects and removes malware and is able of cleaning temporary files that you get from all your online and online activities.

To gain a thorough knowledge about this software and have a glimpse at how well it works, we tested it and our say about the product is outlined below.

User Interface

SpeedyPC Pro’s User Interface provides an easy access to the components and utilities that you need to optimize your system. All of its crucial features are placed on a centralized Window. The user interface is simple yet clear, clean and easy-to-understand. All of the tasks that you might want to perform can be accessed easily plus the comfort of having a tabbed control panel really makes the software standout among most competitors.

Malware Protection

Most computer users would admit that a malware can prove to be one of the worst enemies that you will ever have. A malware can steal some personal/financial data, hijack your browser, disturb system performance and the worst thing to take note of is that cleaning a malware away from a computer is a big hassle. A computer user can surely run into a problem with a malware at one point or another. SpeedPC Pro has an edge with this problem, it is more than just a registry cleaner, and it can also scan your machine’s system, detect malware and remove them simultaneously.

Registry Cleaner

Most computers at present especially those that use Windows have a large database of files that store system configuration and settings as well as those that are specifically links to a program. In time as you use your machine for a lot of task and you install programs to it, some registry changes happen. Luckily, SpeedyPC Pro offers its registry cleaner which detects problems in the registry and fixes them effectively and efficiently.

Temporary File Cleaner

Your computer accumulates a lot of things from the tasks and activities that you do in it. Browsing history, download files and other temporary files are all causes of a computer slow down but you don’t need to worry about it because SpeedyPC has the solution. The software’s temporary file cleaner goes through each place where these temporary files are located and cleans them one by one.

Customer Service

Customer service hotlines and product support is an integral part in today’s fast paced market. Paretologic, the company that developed SpeedyPC Pro offers an excellent customer support both via email and phone. This one alone is a big thumbs up to the product and the company as well.

What We Think

SpeedyPC Pro never failed any of our standards when it comes to system optimization software. Its easy-to-use interface and well-performing utilities provided an impressive boost on the computer that has served as our testing machine. Overall, SpeedyPC Pro is a wise investment for such a very important stuff that you surely can’t afford to lose whether you’re in the office or just working online at home- your computer.