Spotmau PowerSuite Review

Spotmau’s PowerSuite provides a wide variety of utilities that helps every computer perform at its best. The developers of the software teamed up to create a superb selection of recovery and repair functions with a wide range of features to optimize your machine.

Spotmau Powersuite is a great system utility considering the component that it has however, its interface could sometimes confuse users.

Upon starting the application, you will be greeted by a screen that has 9 different options. It is somewhat hard to distinguish what each component does by just looking at the welcome screen containing the icons. A user might click on one of the icons only to find out that it’s not the one he/she is looking for. The interface becomes a drawback to the great features that the application has.

Management and Diagnostics

Spotmau PowerSuite has a startup management utility that focuses on removing junk items on the startup to help your system boot faster. The Startup Manager is more noticeable than the Bootup Optimizer component of the software. The Bootup Optimizer only contains 2 features. One speeds up startup time and another that increases the computer’s ability to detect the hard drive.

This feature alone would have been better if a component that enables the user to automatically turn off unneeded startup items without the worries of having an essential component turned off by the software was included.

Within the PC system utilities icon lies the “Smart Uninstall” component that deletes unused applications using their respective uninstallers then sweeps away all traces of the recently uninstalled program from the registry and the hard drive. This is a plus factor since the software really goes back to the registry to erase all that there is from the removed program that commonly causes hard disk troubles.

Its PC Health Check utility tests your computer’s overall health with different components. This feature can optimize your machine without going through each of the tools. Spotmau PowerSuite combines its best features on this particular component into an efficient solution in one place.

Recovery and Repair

The Disk Cleaner component scans the hard drive for any junk using a list of six different file types on its database. This list of files returns an extensive result than what is expected considering the 6 file types as a reference. In one test, a total of 100MB of hard drive space was cleared on a computer that didn’t have much files stored in it. This amount of space would surely rise if a computer to be scanned has more files stored on its hard drive.

The program’s Internet Privacy Cleaner, Computer Privacy Cleaner and the Internet Explorer Plugins Cleaner combines into three components with similar functions. The Internet Privacy Cleaner as well as the Computer Privacy Cleaner removes all traces of your online and offline activities. The IE Plugins Cleaner helps your machine get rid of any plugin that might have automatically been installed without your knowledge.

There’s also the Shortcut Cleaner, a feature that looks quite good but is somewhat flawed. This software component removes all unused shortcuts but at times, it will remove even those shortcuts of other applications that have just been moved to another folder. On one test, this feature was tested to see how well it works. One application was moved to another folder and the scan results have shown that the program’s shortcut was deleted.

Backup and Recovery

Backup and recovery-wise, this PC System Utility provides an outstanding feature as well. It is able to backup and restore certain folder, file, partition or any other image file saved on your hard drive. It can also recover any file that has been inadvertently deleted or even those from partitions that has been formatted.

System Optimization

Spotmau PowerSuite also has an Internet optimizer which has 8 settings aiming to give you the most out of your Internet connection. Using this utility makes a big difference in the speed of an internet connection however, other programs and software having the same utility offers more options and settings making even more difference on Internet connections.

The service provided by the application dealing with System Optimization really helps optimize some Windows Services and increases its performance. It is highly recommended that the “Recommended Services” option should be used instead of the “Maximum Performance” option which disables a significant amount of features and functions in important areas of your system like the “Remote Desktop Connection”.

Ease of Use

The program’s user interface appears to be disorganized and more confusing. All of its system utilities and features are placed and grouped into different sections termed as “Kits”. Some of the “kits” contain a lot of useful components while others only have a few.

Spotmau PowerSuite would have been a better application if all of the features that were placed on one interface. This would provide easier access to the utilities that you need without going through a set of confusing menus. A test performed to test how easy it is to use the software proved that it is quite hard to use than other programs in the market.

Help and Support

Spotmau provides a contact/help ticket form and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section for PowerSuite system utility but the section doesn’t offer much information. The contact form however provides speedy answer for any query. On a test done to see how fast the support team responds, it returned a 3 hour difference between the sending of the query and the response from one of the support representatives. This response time might not be the typical one however; it is encouraging for future correspondence.

What We Think

Spotmau’s PowerSuite is a great PC system Utility considering its powerful components but its disorganized interface and its poorly structured “kits” becomes a drawback. Instead of having an easy-to-navigate user interface, its structure and arrangement appears to be a hodge-podge of utilities and applications that are unnecessarily spread out into a confusing concoction. The program would have been easier to use if it has been organized into proper sections but since the developers failed to do such, all of its good features are cancelled out by all of its awkward user interface.