IoLo System Mechanic Pro Review

IoLo System Mechanic Professional seems to be stuck in an earlier era relying on older tools for cleaning browser caches and cookies to improve system performance. There are few of its tools that are genuinely efficient while most of them are merely duplicates of some existing Windows utilities and other functions.

A number of these duplicate components don’t really work or go over the limit making it become more dangerous. An indicator of the version number is actually absent but before we installed it, the installer indicated that it was somewhere on the 10th version.

The Setup

System Mechanic Pro has a quick and simple installation. After doing an online purchase, all you need to do is download the setup file and launch it after the download completes. The setup process takes around 5 minutes and after the first time of launching the program, it will ask you to analyze your computer.


System Mechanic Pro’s Repair components have all that you would ever wish to use to keep your system up and running in shape. It repairs the Windows registry, clears unused shortcuts and fixes hard drive errors.
Repairing the registry takes only a matter of seconds. The program does well in detecting registry errors and fixes them right away very fast.

The software can also scan for hard drive errors and fixes them right after the next boot up. If you’ve been experiencing a major hard drive problem, IoLo’s System Mechanic Pro has what is needed to fix the clutter.

System Optimization

The program’s system optimizing components help your PC run faster easily compared to its counterpart in the market but the results are not as impressive. It has a Defrag tool, a Hard Drive Cleaner, a Driver Updater and many more. A lot of these tools are capable of being used at once with just once click on the “Scan” button on the software’s interface while there are others that can be accessed in the “Toolbox” menu.

System Management

System Mechanic Pro is able to manage your system quite efficiently. It scans all system startup entries and assesses those which affect your machine’s startup time. It also gives you a list of startup programs that it sees you can afford to disable. There are also other components like a Process Manager, Uninstall Manager and many more.

System Security

There are some security features that System Mechanic Pro offers. It has a component called IoLo System Shield which gives you a virus and spyware shield so you can choose between your own and that which is within the software. The program also alerts you whenever you are not fully protected.

Your activity logs, both online and offline can also be deleted. Histories and logs like the ones on your browser, chat, cookies and more can be eliminated with just a click. A file shredder can also be used to permanently delete of any file.

Other Features

  • Automated tasks- System Mechanic Pro analyzes and repairs some PC issues whenever your machine is on standby. You can choose and customize which you want to run when you’re not using your computer.

  • Net Booster- This component analyzes and optimizes your network settings to best fit the Internet connection as well as the network you are connected to. This feature increases internet connection speed and network stability.

  • PC Total Care- A feature that allows you to scan your computer system using all the available utilities within the program. Instead of running down on each tool, you can do all system related scan with just one click.

Ease of Use

For anyone who is used to computers and some terminologies, this program would be easy to use. However, for new computer users, the program might cause quite a little confusion.

Aside from the simple automatic fix and system analyzer, other program components are hard to comprehend for beginners but the program does a great job in explaining the function of each tool included. A little reading and researching should help you understand the use of each. There are also some pop-up tutorial messages upon putting the program into first use.

Help and Support

The only downfall of this program is the help and support. Other system utility programs offer live chat and 24/7 phone support but System Mechanic only offers help files and support through email. If you are someone who is fond of asking some help and demands a response quickly then you might want to look somewhere else.

What We Think

System Mechanic Pro is a good choice for someone who found it first. Its utilities are quite effective but others are old version however; it still works for other versions of Windows. It could have been a better suite if its components are updated regularly and a phone support would be set up. It still has to improve on these aspects to deserve a very good rating from people who needs a really effective and system-optimizing utility.