System Suite Pro Review

System Suite Pro is one of the known PC System utilities in the market because of its excellent and efficient diagnostic tools that finds issues and problems that may have been causing problems on your Windows machine. It also helps repair some damage and remove unused, unnecessary, junk and temporary files from your system to make it run faster and free up some disk space. However, this suite is not as fast in doing its task compared to its counterparts.

The software’s Media Verifier and Disk Check component are 2 very valuable tools. One checks for any hardware problems related to CDs and DVDs alike. Its system explorer provides information about certain system parts running on your computer’s system while the System Monitor feature shows graphical representations of system resources (RAM) which is being used at a certain time. The System Schedule option allows you to set a schedule of when the program would start some scanning and other optimization task.

System suite also has a recovery and repair feature which makes a good mixture of some good and bad but there are other decent features involving these functions on within the PC system utility software.

The Disk Fixer and the Registry Fixer for instance are 2 efficient tools for fixing errors and repairing some issues on the Registry and the hard drive as well. The Broken Shortcut Fixer detects and deletes unused shortcuts that already lost its link to the main application and finds other shortcuts for other applications that have recently been moved. More of the program’s features and performance are detailed in the items below:

The Setup

The setup was pretty easy. After keying in the license key, the program just did the rest of the process by itself and no troubles appeared during installation. The size of the installer wasn’t a problem either. It only too around 3-5 minutes to install considering its size and the component that it contains.

System Optimization

Aside from the ones mentioned above, the Suite contains a wide range of system-optimizing tools from defragglers, disk cleaners, privacy sweepers and Internet speed optimizer as well as Windows program boosters. These features help maintain your computer on a stable and consistent state.
On a test conducted to see how good it does in optimizing a system, the result was successful. Windows actually behaved faster although a slight difference on the Internet speed was observed but just a little tweak and everything was fixed.

The tools for optimization works well and the each process as well as what a tool does is not hard to understand because of the available descriptions for each. Optimizing your system takes a large part of what the program and its utilities do.

System Security

Security on this particular software just simply looks at what comes in and out of your machine’s firewall. There’s nothing really special about the security feature aside from the list of programs and processes that has been stopped by the firewall as well as other network processes that is allowed access to your machine. It also alerts you of any malicious item that tries to gain access to your computer. It’s nothing but an ordinary checker that is way behind the utilities within the Windows Operating System.


This is an area that is more packed with tools and features. Maintenance contains an array of tools that ensures a smooth and stable running machine by cleaning away all unwanted files and junks from your system.

As mentioned above, most of these maintenance components are focused on recovering and cleaning up with other cool features housed within the “Feature Box”. The tools and utilities does quite a great job in boosting up system performance, startup time and internet speed however it takes quite long for the cleaning, repairing and recovering process to complete compared to other software available in the market. This area somehow covers the drawback on the security feature that was pointed out earlier.

Other Features

  • File Shredding- This is a tool that lets you delete all files that you don’t want other people to have access to. Shredding a file destroys all traces of a certain file and takes it away from your system.

  • Full Optimization- This feature provides an easy way to check and remove all problems from your machine that has long been making it sluggish. The only problem is that it takes more or less 15-20 minutes for the overall scan to finish. This is not that good if you are looking for something and want the result right away to combat it immediately.

Ease of Use

This program is one of the better ones in terms of interface and ease. While most software interface look like they haven’t changed since the program’s first release, this one looks totally ahead of the rest and it looked fresh and alive. Other figures changed automatically even without restarting the program.

Every component is also easy to use on the System Suite Pro and there’s nothing that’s hard to understand or made us stuck that we needed help at all but of course, the overall user experience depends on whether or not you already used system utility software before.

Help and Support

The application provides a help on hand which you can use whenever you need it. This includes some help sheets and help guides for emergency instances. The support content is good but there is no hotline which you can call in terms of urgent help needs which adds to the drawbacks when compared to other brands in the market.

What We Think

System Suite Pro has some good aspects especially in terms of interface and ease of use however; it is somewhat incomplete in terms of security and support. Improving on these areas would bring the software into a higher rank in terms of overall rating and would even rival the best ones available in the market at present.