3D’s Coming to a Windows 10 Machine Near You!

Nowadays, there are people who won’t really believe on what you are saying unless they can see it. Others even demand that you bring what you have been talking about in front of their faces so they can touch it.

In our modern world, the thing about 2D is quickly becoming obsolete.

Yes! The good-old pictures and sketches printed on a flat paper would soon become a thing of the past confined only in books found in public libraries.

The advances in technology that we’ve seen in the recent years has proved that we are now getting into 3D.

2017’s Hottest Trend- 3D

We now have 3D printers and even 3D pens designed to let you create stuff having the length, width and height dimensions. Wouldn’t it be nicer to have an operating system that also handles 3D pretty well?

That’s exactly what the upcoming Windows 10 build called the “Creators Update” is going to feature as you would see on the video below:

Microsoft truly is targeting a spectrum of technology which no one else (at least at this time) dares to get into and it is a wise move!

3D in Windows 10 and its possible integrations with built-in camera app and even with third-party programs and apps would surely be the big trend this year!

Possible Uses and Applications of 3D

This official video released by Microsoft on the 3D feature that is going to be part of the Windows 10 Creators Update already shows a good number of uses for 3D in our world today but there are also other advantages that we can think of such as:

  • Bringing ease to project conceptualization using more vivid and detailed images
  • Making personalized gifts that you created and printed in 3D
  • Creating better presentations and demonstrations for any use
  • Other medical and scientific research applications

What’s even more exciting about the 3D feature in the upcoming Windows 10 build is its full integration and compatibility with Microsoft Office applications such as PowerPoint.

Though not shown in the video, Microsoft also promised that users will be able to post 3D photos in Facebook!

What do you think about the 3D feature? What possible uses of it can you think of? We’re excited to see and test how it works and if we’re able to do so, we’ll make sure that you’re one of the first to see it.

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