7 Things to Watch Out for in Windows 10’s New Browser Called Microsoft Edge

Many have been saddened by the news that Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s web browser that has been in service for many decades is going to be officially phased out in Windows 10 but only few really considered the fact that it’s actually going to be replaced by something that’s truly better and faster!

While it is said that Internet Explorer is the best browser for downloading another browser, there are still people who loved it because of the many features and add-ons that can be installed to it. In fact, I have a friend who is still using it even until now after the news of it being phased out has surfaced.

How something turns into a favorite doesn’t always depend on how it performs or how it well fares in certain aspects compared to others. It’s just a matter of how long you’ve been using it and the learning curve that would be involved when moving towards another browser.

However, no one can change Microsoft’s decision now and we’re all going to see a new breed of browser in Windows 10 called Microsoft Edge! How does this new browsing tool compare with the others which have already become everyone’s favorite like Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari? In this article, we’ll be finding out some answers to this question and even learn some additional information so be sure to read it from top to bottom!

1. Microsoft Edge: Faster Than Chrome and Firefox!

It’s really hard to appear convincing by just stating claims without even showing a concrete proof so in order to prove that Microsoft Edge is the fastest browser ever to be developed in our time compared to its competitors, its developer team has given this results for everyone to see.


By using a new proprietary layout engine called “EdgeHTML”, Microsoft Edge has easily beaten the rest by becoming the fastest browser based on Octane 2.0 benchmark tests. The browser also follows all of the other modern web protocols but remember, Windows 10 has not been released yet so we’ll see it perform in real time once the final build gets released!

2. A Browser with an Integrated Virtual Assistant

I am sure that you have already heard or read about Cortana because of the many tutorials and articles that’s been coming out about it and let me add to the news by saying that this brand new virtual assistant from Microsoft is also going to be fully integrated with Microsoft Edge!

Just imaging being able search something just by saying it. Yes! Cortana will always be there when you’re browsing the web and it will give some relevant information like how’s the weather behaving in your place and some other stuff without the need of launching a new tab or accessing a new website.

3. Its Logo Looks Familiar

When news spread that Microsoft is working on a new browser which will replace Internet Explorer and code named it “Spartan”, many assumed that the browser itself will also be named after it (Spartan) but now, we already see that it is named “Microsoft Edge”. It seems like the company really wants a strong brand recognition in all of their products and by choosing “Edge” which starts with the letter “E” just like “Explorer”, Microsoft didn’t really had to do that much work with the logo.


This is a very good move that will surely lessen confusion among loyal Windows users who have been seeing the Internet Explorer logo for decades now. When they first open Windows 10, they’ll surely see this familiar logo and know that it is the operating system’s default browser.

4. Microsoft Edge Works Smoothly in Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops

Now, since Windows 10 is a universal OS (meaning it would work across different devices by using Continuum to switch between existing desktop and mobile modes), Microsoft has also made sure that their new browser would work across these devices seamlessly.

Microsoft Edge is going to work in smartphones running on Windows 10, tablets, laptops, desktops and even other consumer electronics that’s going to have a Windows 10-based operating system.

5. The New Tab Screen Looks Exciting!

Another amazing feature in Microsoft Edge is its New Tab screen which looks very much like the new Start Menu or the old Start Screen. It offers a rich source of information in tiled form which is useful if you really want to get a glimpse of what a certain page contains without really having it opened in a new tab.


You will also be able to customize its contents such as dragging it from one location to another and arranging them according to your preference. You can also customize some widgets that give a good amount of important information such as the weather, sports updates, news a many more!

6. Reading Mode and More!

Chrome has some extensions that offer annotation features and even others that allow users to read certain web contents in a later time (read-later extensions). For instance, you can choose to annotate something from an article that you found on the web, put some notes to it and send it to your friends but Microsoft Edge doesn’t just offer this as an extension but as a built-in feature!


When you use Edge, you can do all of these things and send it to friends easily compared to any other Google Chrome extensions that still needs to be installed. Microsoft Edge also offers a “Reading Mode” which basically takes away all formatting and other useless stuff from an article in order for you to see a regular formatted piece of literature and you can save it for later reading.

7. There are Extensions to be Offered

Users who are concerned about productivity are already asking some questions that pertain to extensions in Microsoft Edge and the good news is yes! There’s going to be extensions and Microsoft is working on a way so users can easily port extensions from Firefox and Chrome towards Edge.

If they were able to create a browser that’s faster than the existing ones dominating the  scene then they’ll surely be able to develop a way that will allow this to happen and since Windows 10 is still going to be released on the 29th of July this year, let’s all hope that some of the big players in extension stuff like Pocket, Evernote and others will be available starting day one.

Microsoft Edge: The Browser that’s Going to Revolutionize the Web!

As you can see, the new Microsoft Edge browser really has some awesome new features that are built-in with it and it’s also faster than any other browser that you’ve ever used in the past. If you’re intrigued by this new browsing software then you can try it by in Windows 10’s latest Technical Preview version and if you’re excited to try it then you can also reserve your FREE Upgrade to Windows 10 by following the steps that we have shown in this previous tutorial.