Computer Maintenance Checklist You Should Try


Computers, no matter what operating system platform it runs are not perfect. They also need to be maintained and just like your car, a computer has its own unique set of maintenance checklist that should be executed in a regular basis to make sure that everything is running smoothly and is free from any problem that could become serious in the long run. Lack of maintenance would cause your machine to slow down and even have a lot of malwares and viruses that will later on damage your hard drive and would render your computer useless in a later time.

Here is a rundown of the maintenance checklist that should be done to maintain your computer and make it work at its peak performance whenever you use it. The items that are presented below works with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 as well as the older Windows editions such as Vista and Windows 7 so be sure to get familiar with these steps and see which ones are available in your computer’s Windows operating system edition and which ones are not.

Always Remember to Remove Junk and Unwanted Files

There are two ways to do this maintenance step. First is by performing a disk cleanup. Your computer actually accumulates a lot of files when you use it in browsing the internet and doing all your other routines with it. Most of these files are useless like downloaded contents which are in your download folders and many other stuff which may pile up and take a lot of space so cleaning your disk using the Windows Disk cleanup utility would be a very good habit.

The second is by clearing your browsing history which accumulates and doubles each time you use your machine in your daily Internet tasks. Browsing history is capable of being deleted from the web browser’s interface itself so there’s really not much problem about this step.

1. Control All Your Installed Programs

The second maintenance checklist you should do is to uninstall the trial versions of some software which have already expired. All these stuff are actually useless and just takes up much space which can harbor malwares and viruses so it would be best if you make it a habit to uninstall unused programs or those that have already expired. Don’t waste your computer’s power and energy by keeping useless programs.

There are two options that you have. It is either completely uninstalling the program and deleting it or registering your product by getting a license so it can become useful again. Being wise with the software that you install is also a good habit so the next time that you download and install something into your computer with the purpose of just using it once, you can just uninstall the program after you use it so you can free more space for even more important stuff.

2. Secure your Computer

You can execute this maintenance checklist item by installing antivirus software. The free versions that are offered may protect you but in a limited level. You can also try Microsoft’s own anti-malware program called Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 so you can be protected against any virus and other malicious software that lures around the dark corners of the web.

Spending on a license for third-party antivirus software will also open your way to a full protection for your computer’s software and its contents as well. Avoid using illegal versions of any software. Some computer geeks make professional versions of some programs free but you don’t know what is in there. You may enjoy it for a short period of time but later on render your machine useless due to malwares and viruses that were brought by the illegal software you used.

3. Set a Limit for Downloads

Next item on your computer maintenance checklist is making sure that you are getting safe downloads from secure sites. Be careful of the things that you are feeding your machine. Search for credible websites where you can get the free software that you want and never just download and install something from just any source. Downloads from unverified sources is one of the highest sources of computer viruses so be extra cautious when downloading something because you will never know what it contains especially if it came from a website that contains some “too-good-to-be-true” offers.

4. Avoid Bad Websites

Do this computer maintenance checklist by avoiding XXX websites and others which offer things that are too attractive and enticing to refuse. Most of these websites actually carries a lot of viruses and tracking cookies which can infect your computer in an instant. It is always best to stay away from these sites.

Also, don’t open any suspicious emails. These type of emails most likely carries a virus with it which can enter your Windows machine and start doing some destructive stuff with all your files until your computer shuts down and all your files are lost. Always remember to apply the principle that says “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” when you are maintaining your Windows machine.

5. Organize your Files

The 6th item on the checklist is to always put your files in designated folders and to what directory it belongs. This not only saves you time but also makes your computer easier to manage. Delete all files that are not used and keep those that you will need in the future.

6. Defragment your Drive

Another maintenance checklist item involves defragmenting your drive. Your disk has to be defragmented and set in order. Your drive actually accumulates all the programs and in time it creates some packets of free spaces that consumes and exhausts its power.

7. Always download and Install the Latest Windows Updates

Another maintenance task that you need to regularly do in your Windows machine is to make sure that all the latest Windows Update are being downloaded and installed automatically in a set schedule which is identified by Microsoft. Windows updates actually contains not only new features but also some of the latest stuff which are needed to protect your computer.

Don’t ever let your self be fooled by people claiming that Windows Updates harmed their computer because the truth is these updates contains all the needed security patches that will save your day and as well as new features that will improve your user experience

This simple list will surely help you maximize your use of the Windows machine that you bought regardless of the Windows operating system that it runs with. Be sure to understand the underlying reasons why each of these maintenance tasks should be done so you can have a better understanding of why they are needed and what good each one of them would bring to one of your most important investment; your computer. Follow this computer maintenance checklist and everything will surely work perfectly as you want them to!