Getting Acquainted with Some Settings for the Music App

We’ve already covered the basics and as well as the deeper uses of the Music app and have gone through the steps involved in purchasing the music and songs that you love from Xbox Music Store but we have not yet discussed all the other tweaks that you can do to the app which can be found from the Settings screen. While all of the other tweaks that we’ve talked about are important, the ones that lie in the Settings screen are equally relevant as well so we have prepared a separate tutorial that will talk about this often overlooked section of every modern style app and made it easier to follow by arranging them into 8 easy to follow tips.

1. What’s Under the My Account Section

While you are on the Music app’s main screen, you can access the settings of the app by pressing on the Windows + C keys and when the Charms bar appears, simply click on the icon that is labeled “Settings” which is found at the bottom.


After doing so, the Settings screen will appear and from here, you will see a link that is labeled “My Account”. Simply click on it and you’ll be able to access some settings and options that you can change or set for your account.


Under the “My Accounts” link, you will find the account to which your machine is connected to and as well as some others such as links to get an Xbox Music Pass  or redeem a code which will give you a gold membership and other stuff. When you click on these links that I’ve mentioned, a prompt will appear which will require you to enter your password to verify your account. Just enter it when you click on any of the links that are in black font and you will be able to proceed to the next step.

Moving towards the bottom of the “My Account” section are other links that are in red font and most of them are focused in making tweaks to your payment option and as well as your billing information. If you plan to purchase some songs from Xbox Music Store or get premium apps from the Windows Store, you will need to set up a payment option and have it linked to your Microsoft account so you can pay for any purchase that you do without any hassle.

2. The Preferences Section

Next to the “My Account” link is another one that is labeled “Preferences” and as its name suggests, it contains some options that will let you tweak some aspects of how the app works such as where it gets the music that it plays, how it handles the music that you store in the cloud and some other on/off toggle switches for the options which are listed below:

  • Automatically adding the songs from your PC that matches those that are in your cloud storage.
  • Automatic download of songs that you bought from Xbox Music Store using your other Windows devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Media Info which allows the app to automatically update the album art and metadata for each song that is saved in your devices.
  • And lastly, you can also add an extra level of security by turning on the “Ask me to sign in before completing purchases and managing my account” option.


3. The About Section

Next on the list is the link that is labeled “About” and obviously, it contains all the information that there is about the Music app. On the screenshot below, you will see the version of the Music app that is installed on my Windows 8.1 machine at the top-most portion of the about screen and some other details such as the providers of music, album art and other stuff are all described as you move towards the bottom. The support website list is located at the bottom-most portion of the screen and you can simply click on it to whenever you experience any problem with the app in order to open the support website on your default browser.


4. The Feedback Link

Next in line is the “Feedback” link which gives you a section where you can air out any complaint or appreciation about the Music app. To do this, simply select what the feedback that you are going to submit is all about by clicking on the drop-down arrow and after doing so, you can enter your feedback on the “Comments” box. Remember that you are limited to up to 1024 characters only so be sure to make your feedback concise. One you’re done, simply hit the “Submit” button.


5. Getting Help by Clicking the Help Link

You might also want to get help from a support expert and you can do it easily by clicking on the Help link. When you do it, the Music app will close and you will be taken to the Xbox support webpage where you can find answers to frequently asked questions and as well as other information about Xbox products and services on other devices so always remember to check this section of the Music app’s Settings screen whenever you need help on certain problems that you experience while using the app.


6. Permissions

One more link before the last one is the “Permissions” section and when you click on it, you will be taken to the permissions screen which bears some settings on how the Music app can use information about you being the user. For instance, the app can be allowed to show notifications on your computer screen by turning the toggle switch on or you can also stop it from showing notifications by flipping the switch off. Towards the bottom of the screen, you will also see some descriptions of what the app is currently allowed to have access to while at the top, there are even more information such as the app’s name, its developer and as well as its version number so just by accessing this section, you’ll be able to know a lot of stuff about the Music app that is installed on your Windows 8.1 machine.


7. Rate and Review

Finally, we will go to the link that is the last one on the Settings screen of the Music app which says “Rate and Review”. If you really love the Music app then it deserves to get a positive review and a good rating from you so that your other friends can also have an idea of how well it works and learn what it’s really about. Just click on the link and Windows Store will open on a separate screen. From here, you can select the number of stars that you want to give to the app and right below it is an input box about your review’s title. After entering the title, you can proceed to the body of your review but remember that you are only limited to 1,000 words so be sure to make your review concise yet meaningful enough for others to also understand the idea that you are trying to convey. After entering the required details and information, simply hit the “Submit” button.