How to View and Add Scheduled Events to the Calendar from the Windows Taskbar

Windows 10 has been receiving a lot of changes through updates that are provided by Microsoft every once in a while. Most of these changes are done to improve performance and are often unnoticeable. The latest update that has been released by Microsoft that is also a special one since it marks the first year of the operating system includes very awesome changes that would surely make you think you’re using a new Windows edition.


However, it is still Windows 10 and it just received some major improvements which are all aimed towards making it better in many ways. One of the change that has been introduced is the ability of the clock that is found on the System Tray to display events or what Microsoft calls “Agenda” that you have scheduled for certain days of the month. You can also add events from it making it a lot easier for you to manage your schedule! Aside from helping you keep track of your schedule easily, this new improvement would also make the clock display on your computer’s Taskbar come to life and become more interesting!

If the clock display feature on the System Tray of the Taskbar seemed to be unimportant to you in the past then it would become more important to you now but before you can enjoy this new addition to the System Tray’s clock display, you must first upgrade your Windows 10 machine to the recently released “Anniversary Update” from Microsoft.

Viewing Your Scheduled Agenda from the Taskbar

As we have mentioned earlier, Windows 10’s Anniversary Update has really brought so much change and Microsoft really did a great job in doing so. User who have refused to upgrade to Windows 10 before would surely have a hard time thinking and rethinking their decision once they see how Windows 10 has improved with this upgrade and in terms of schedule monitoring and updating of your daily agenda, you can view it from the clock display on the System Tray of the Taskbar simply by clicking on the clock display itself.

How is this different from how it was done in the past? Well, just imagine not having to scroll towards the location of your Calendar app and having to launch it just to add scheduled tasks, agenda or events on certain dates and waiting for notifications to appear or pop-up from the bottom-right portion of the screen when an event scheduled for the day comes. Everything is now made simpler because you can already view and get a glimpse on your agenda or schedule just by clicking on the clock display!

To be able to view your current day’s agenda, simply click on the clock display that is found on the system tray at the extreme-right end of the Taskbar as you can see being highlighted on the screenshot below.


After clicking on the clock display, the time and date screen will appear and on its bottom portion, you should be able to see the list of agenda that are scheduled for the day. If there is no scheduled event or agenda for the day, this section will just be blank. You can add as many agenda for the day as you want and we will be showing how this is done later on as we move along in this tutorial.


The time and date screen looks taller in Windows 10’s Anniversary Update because of the agenda display that has been added to its bottom portion but it isn’t really a problem because this added feature would surely make life a lot easier for you especially if you are the type of person who has plenty of things to do each day.

You can also choose to hide the agenda display from the time and date screen that comes out whenever you click on the clock display of the System Tray and doing this will make the screen shorter. To hide the agenda section, all you need to do is click on the link that is found on the bottom portion that says “Hide agenda” as highlighted below.


If you want to see all your scheduled events for the day once again after you have hidden them then all you need to do is click on the “Show agenda” link which is also found in the same location where the “Hide agenda” was before you clicked on it and turned the text to “Show agenda”.

Adding Events to Your Agenda

As we have mentioned earlier, you can also add new scheduled events or even tasks to the agenda section of the time and date display screen and you can do so right then and there. This is a very convenient feature improvement since you don’t need to be browsing through your apps doing plenty of clicks and scrolls just to find the Calendar app and add events and tasks from there manually. To start adding things to do onto your computer’s agenda display section, all you need to do is click on the “+” icon which is found on the top-right portion of the agenda section as you can see being highlighted on the screenshot below.


Right after you click on the “+” icon, the Calendar app will launch and show you the different fields that you need to fill out with the needed details in order to create an event or task that you need to do for the day. The Calendar event Window looks like the one shown below.


In order to add an event, you will first need to enter the Event name into the big input box that has a label saying “Event name” in it as shown on the screenshot above. Next, if the event has to be done in a location they you can enter this detail into the box which is labeled “Location” and is found just below the input box for the “Event name” as highlighted below.


Now, you will need to set the time when the event will happen during the day or you can also set it to end on another day if the event or task requires days to complete. You can do these adjustments on the boxes that are found just below the “Location” input box as you can see on the screenshot below. If the event or task will just happen within the day then you can simply click inside the tickbox which says “All day”.


And if you have additional details to indicate for the event or task, you can input them into the box just below the time and date adjustment for the event. What’s good about the events that are scheduled from the Calendar is that it can be shared to your friends or family members whom you want to invite to the event itself or you want to get some help from in order to complete the task that you have set for the day.

Doing this is also simple because you just need to enter their email address into the “Invite someone” box which is located to the right of the input boxes that we’ve worked on and discussed above. Once you are done entering the details for the event or task that you want to do for the day, all you need to do is click on the “Save and close” button which is found on the top-left section as highlighted on the screenshot below.


If you want to delete an agenda or event, all that you need to do is click on the “Delete” button which is found just beside the “Save and close” button which we have shown above. Remember that scheduled events and agenda only shows up when the day on which they are scheduled comes. For the days that don’t have events or tasks in them, there won’t be anything in the Agenda display section of the time and date screen.

How do you find this new feature in Windows 10? Do you love it? What other features in the Anniversary Update did you like most? We would love to hear it from you on the comments section below.