Important Windows 10 Shortcuts to Remember

Windows 10 has been around for more than a year now and since its first official release, there have been millions of users who chose to upgrade to it. Who won’t take the opportunity of getting the latest Windows OS without paying a dime?

And the good news for all of us Windows addicts is this- Microsoft is again cooking a major update for Windows 10! You heard it right! There is a new build coming up this spring which will be called Windows 10 “Creators Update”.

Will Keyboard Shortcuts Change?

Now the question is will the new keyboard shortcuts which are unique to Windows 10 change as well? There has been no news about this so it is important that you learn what these keyboard shortcuts are. Chances are they will remain unchanged and new ones might even be added.

PCs are designed for productivity and multitasking and learning some keyboard shortcuts will take these things to the next level. So let’s learn some of the important keyboard shortcuts from the infographic below.


Source: on Pinterest

If you’re already familiar and have been using keyboard shortcuts for a long time now then you should know how these keys are supposed to be used. But for those who aren’t familiar with them yet, keys can simply be pressed simultaneously one after the other to open what it is supposed to launch.

Old Keyboard Shortcuts Still Work

Even with these new keyboard shortcuts that were introduced in Windows 10, all of the old ones still work. Shortcuts that we commonly use while creating a document like the following are still available in Windows 10:

  • CTRL + C- Copy
  • CTRL + V- Paste
  • CTRL + X- Delete/Cut
  • CTRL + X- Undo
  • CTRL + Y- Redo

All of the old keyboard shortcuts that you still can remember still work in Windows 10. We didn’t really try all of them one by one so you can confirm it for yourself by doing your own testing in your newly upgraded Windows 10 machine.

How often do you use keyboard shortcuts? Are you familiar with the new ones that we’ve shown above? You might know of a new keyboard shortcut that isn’t included in the list. If you do, please feel free to share them with us by describing it in the comments section below.