Latest Build Update: Windows 10 Build 15025

When Microsoft released Windows 10, they promised to bring the best out of this most popular operating system. It seemed untrue at first but Microsoft proved their statement a fact as newer builds were released. Looking back into the history of the Windows OS it becomes apparent that the world’s most popular operating system had a “good-then-bad” build release pattern.

For instance, if we start from Windows 98, we can conclude that it was a good Windows edition. Then follows Windows ME which was is said to be a not-so-good build. Next, Windows XP came which is a good release then Windows Vista which is somewhat bad. Then came Windows 7 which was generally good then came Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 both proving to be a disaster!

Windows 10 Should be a Good One!

Following this pattern, we can safely say that Windows 10 should be a good one! So what is happening to the latest build? In the video below, our friends from “On MSFT” will share some of the features that are dominant in Windows 10 Build 15025.

Windows 10 might not be as perfect as promised when it was first released but Microsoft has been improving it into perfection even until now. This latest build is an evidence that the popular OS is now being shaped into the Creators Update version that is scheduled to be released this spring!

Creators Update: Microsoft’s Best to be Revealed Soon!

In the even held by Microsoft last October of 2016, the company has announced an upcoming build called Windows 10 Creator’s Update! It is a major update that will bring significant changes in how people interact with their machines.

Some noticeable changes expected are in virtual reality and 3D. Gaming will also be taken to the next level with 4K fidelity and even game broadcasting. Connecting and sharing with people who matter most in your life will also be improved!

Most of the changes that are going to be included are still being tested and released as preview builds. In case you wish to try it, you can enable your computer to receive preview builds automatically. However, as the video mentions, it is not recommended that you install such builds on your main computer since they are buggy most of the time.

What do you think about Windows 10’s latest build as shown on the video above? Does it have significant changes in it when compared to previous Windows 10 builds? Let us know what you think by joining the discussion on the comments section below.