Latest Build Update: Windows 10 Build 15031

The next major version of Windows 10 is gonna be out soon and many are excited of its appearance. With all the rumors circulating around the web, it would be nice to know what really is true and what isn’t.

Thankfully, Microsoft makes it possible for us to know what’s the latest about Windows 10.

Yes! Every time a new development happens to our favorite Windows OS while it is in the making, Microsoft releases a preview build and delivers it to those who opted to try it.

We’ve shown what Build 15025 looks like in one of our previous articles and right now, we want to show a newer build labeled 15031.

What’s New in Windows 10 Build 15031

With the help of our friends at On MSFT, we’ll be able to see what changes were done to this new Windows 10 build release and as well as discover how it’s different from what is currently available mainstream.

Take a look at this latest build release by clicking the “Play” button on the video below.

As you can see, the desktop background  image itself looks fresh but if you like some masculinity on your machine then you would definitely need to change it. Most of the visual features are just the same with Build 15025 and all the other aspects on the Desktop screen seem to stick with the usual elements.

A Few Changes in Build 15031

While most of the user interface and other visual elements in this build stayed the same, there are a few features that have been improved in it and they are as follows:

  • A new compact system for video overlay boxes
  • Share icon made standard and will be implemented in other apps and devices soon.
  • Dynamic lock made more established as a feature under the Settings app.
  • Gaming has been expanded and now offer even more games.

With these improvements, the final build of Windows 10’s Creators Update is now taking shape though there are still a lot of glitches and even more improvements to make.

A Word of Caution

Enjoying the latest Windows 10 build certainly comes with its own thrill and excitement but we strongly advice that you don’t install it to your main computer.

Most Windows Insider builds are buggy and may contain problems which might prevent you from doing certain things so it is best to install it on a computer that you aren’t using in your day to day activities.

What do you think about this latest build? Does it offer more value that the Windows 10 version that you are using now? We’d like to hear from you, start a good discussion about Windows 10 by joining the buzz in the comments section below.