Latest Build Update: Windows 10 Build 15046

We’re moving closer now to the “unknown” date of Windows 10 Creators Update’s release and everyone is becoming more and more excited to get their hands on it.

We’ve shown the previous builds in our build update series of articles and just this week, Microsoft has again released a new one with new fixes leading to the final one to be released this spring.

What’s New in Build 15046

Let’s see what Windows 10 Build 15046 has and compare it with the previous ones. As with our previous latest build update articles, our friends at On MSFT will again show us what the latest build has so go ahead and press the “Play” button to discover more.

There isn’t much change that can be seen in this build when compared to the Build 15031 in terms of appearance aside from the color of the Search box that is pinned on the Taskbar which has been restored to its old darker one. Cortana is also made darker.

The build version tag which is found at the bottom-right portion of the screen has also been removed in this build and just like the other previous build releases, the current one also has some changes in the Settings app as shown in the video.

Other Changes and Fixes

Preview builds are buggy so it isn’t recommended that you install it to your main computer as Cody says in the video. If you want to learn more about the improvements done in this build here are a few things that we found:

  • App Source Install Options: Under the “Apps” section of the Settings universal app, a new options dropdown box is available which allows you to choose the source of apps that can be installed to your device.
  • Progress Indicator Bug Fixed: In previous preview builds, the progress indicator for installing new builds had a bug which caused it to appear stuck even when the upgrade is successful. This has been fixed in Build 15046.

Are you using this build on your machine right now? What changes have you noticed which were not mentioned in the video? Please feel free to share them on the comments section below.