Latest Build Update: Windows 10 Build 15048

We’ve given you a  list of the features and fixes that were done in Windows 10 Build 15046 a week ago and it seems like Microsoft is releasing newer preview builds in more close gaps to each other.

Yes! Another preview build is now out and is tagged as Windows 10 Build 15048. As the spring and Creators Update’s “unknown” release date comes nearer, preview builds also become better every time.

Windows 10 Build 15048: What’s New In It?

What is new in Windows 10 Preview Build 15048? With the help of our friend Cody of On MSFT, we’ll be learning some of the bug fixes and changes in this latest build. You might currently still have Build 15o46 running on your machine so be sure to download this new one to get to try it.

To those looking for great changes in this build compared to the one that preceded it, there won’t be that much in this build besides the bug fixes that were done as the polishing stages for Windows 10’s final Creators Update Build seem to have commenced.

What’s interesting to note though is the color of Cortana in both Preview Builds 15048 for PC and 15047 for Windows 10 mobile where it remained pitch black. Apart from these bug fixes and changes in a few icons (which still needs some improvements), there’s really not much worth noting in this build.

A Simple Advice

If you’re planning to test out this build, be sure to install it on a device other than the one you are using in your routines. Preview builds are buggy and one of its purpose is for testing in order to generate feedback to be used for improvements.

There might and other undocumented problems that you might run into which can prevent you from accomplishing certain things so be sure to find a test device to try preview builds on and definitely keep your main device on the official Windows 10 build installed in it.