A New Windows Edition is Coming!


Talks about the impending release of a new Windows version have been spreading like wildfire around the web. Leaks and screenshots of an improved desktop, better mobile apps integration, taking back of the Start Menu and removal of the Charms bar have been circulating over the Internet steering up excitement and anticipation from loyal users.

With these rumored improvements and innovations in how Windows works and looks like, it is becoming plain that all of the brand new features that has been emphasized on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are being scaled back in the new Windows build by Microsoft.

This brand new Windows build release is dubbed to be Windows 9 and if Windows 8 was code named “Blue”, this new one from Microsoft will be called the “Threshold”. The operating system’s anticipated release is said to be within the first half of 2015 though other sources say that it could be earlier or a bit later.

Windows 8 and its better release called Windows 8.1 has been a good attempts in merging mobile computing into the popular desktop environment but users have quite been confused because of some missing features which have become a main-stay in previous Windows editions such as XP, Vista and Windows 7. One important feature that has been taken out is the Start Menu and all of its contents.

A Better Balance

The rumored Windows 9 moves its focus into balancing these two worlds (tablet and desktop) to help build more desktop muscle coupled with a smooth working mobile capability. Doing this would help the desktop environment get more momentum after its almost diminished popularity  because of the growing acceptance of mobile devices having desktop functions and capabilities given by easy to install mobile apps.


Microsoft indeed sees that there’s still a sky-rocketing demand for its all-time favorite desktop-based operating system and taking it out or focusing more on the mobile platform just as they did in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 could result in a great loss. This fact is evident with all the complaints and negative reviews that went to the surface just within the first few days after these Windows editions were released.

The release of Windows 9 does not mean that Microsoft is going to abandon the “One Windows” concept but instead, it aims to balance the presence of the PC and the Tablet world in one operating system so that all types of users can adopt more easily because of the popular features that’s now going to be taken back. One of them is the missing Start Menu which takes users to wherever they want to go in a few clicks.

Early Attempts for Improvement

Windows 8.1 has been a good attempt in making Windows 8 a better desktop operating system but even with the latest Windows update which included brand new features such as minimize and exit buttons for Mobile apps and the power and search buttons being permanently pinned on the Start Screen, the entire thing still leans more towards the mobile world. Windows 9 takes most of these things out and brings back the Start Menu for good giving it more power to enact change and bring back the good-old-days of the Windows operating system which we all loved and enjoyed!

Two Worlds Working Together in a Better Windows System

Is Windows 9 going to take away most of the mobile-related features? The simple answer is “No”! The Start Screen and all the Live tiles in it will still be present and the Windows Store which overflows with mobile apps will definitely be part of this brand new operating system. These features will surely be a part of all the upcoming Windows versions which Windows 9 is part of.

Microsoft seems to be putting more focused efforts in providing a Windows 7-like desktop environment instead of retaining the unfamiliar one in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. This environment will then be tied up perfectly with a new mobile-friendly interface with all the awesome apps that can add more features to Windows instantly.


Being mobile-friendly could mean that mobile or Metro apps will be able to run in a Windowed box on the Desktop screen just like desktop programs. Doing this will bring the Mobile or Tablet world to be in a better harmony with the most popular side of the Windows operating system which is the Desktop environment. The recent Windows 8.1 update which added the Windows Store icon into the taskbar seems to be a clue for this change. All of these awesome changes are still coming and all that we can do is wait and hope for the best! If Windows 7 was able to get past Windows Vista then Windows 9 would surely do the same thing with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 in a smoother, easier manner!