Exploring Some Other Tricks in Using Google Chrome

The Internet is full of information and other leisure related stuff that can make you feel entertained on your spare time or add more knowledge to what you already know simply by doing research in it. This virtual world is very important to most industries in our modern world as well.

For instance, banks use the Internet and other network infrastructures to better communicate with its branches as well as its clients and it also uses this same tool to update records on the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) that it owns. Big companies also take advantage of it for advertising purposes and reaching a large and more diversified audience than compared to that which can be done through television. Our world has become so dependent with it that its absence can now be equated with a big economic meltdown that the world is yet to see.

But the success of the Internet can never be complete without “Internet Browsers” such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and the new “Spartan” which will be included in Microsoft’s latest operating system called Windows 10. In our previous tutorial, we’ve shown the basics in using the popular browser called Google Chrome but there are still some deeper secrets to it that you need to learn so you can do more while browsing the Internet and that’s what we will be discussing in this tutorial.

How to View Your Browsing History

One very important trick that you need to learn while using Google Chrome is viewing the history. This can be very helpful especially if you forgot the name of the website which you have accessed days ago and you want to open it again. Looking for it in the history is easy and it can even become a lot easier if you remember the date when you first opened the website. To access the browsing history on Google Chrome, all you need to do is click on the the “Customize and control Google Chrome” button which is located at the extreme-right end of the web address box.


After clicking on the button, a menu box will appear containing some links that will take you to different features and settings of the Google Chrome browser. From here, simply click on the item that says “History” and a new tab will open on the Google Chrome Window that is currently open which will show a list of all the websites that you have visited arranged by date.


Removing Specific Items from the Browsing History

Now, you might have visited a website on Google Chrome’s standard mode that you want to delete from the history (maybe you forgot to use Incognito mode instead). Doing this trick is very simple, just access the History of your Google Chrome Browser as we have shown above and after doing so, you will need to look for the item/s that you want to delete. Once you find it, simply click inside the checkbox in order to mark it and hit the button located on the top portion of the list of browsing history that says “Remove selected items” as shown on the screenshot below.


How to Clear All Browsing History

Browsing history from your installed Internet browsers can also take a significant amount of your computer’s disk space so it is important that you know how to erase everything. Doing this on Google Chrome is as simple as deleting specific browsing history records. To start, you will again need to open Google Chrome’s browsing history and once it displays, you will simply need to click on the “Clear browsing data…” button which is located just beside the “Remove selected items ” button at the top of the list of browsing history.



Clearing the browsing history will also delete all of your saved passwords and other auto-fill data so if you don’t want this to happen, be sure to only delete the ones that are not relevant to you and make it as a habit which you can do in a weekly basis to avoid deleting thousands of browsing history in one setting. You can also use “Incognito mode” when you don’t want to record any browsing history and avoid adding more items which will all need to be deleted when the schedule for deletion finally comes.

Open Two or More Google Chrome Windows Using Tabs

In our previous tutorial, we have show the basics in working with Google Chrome and one of them is how you can open multiple tabs in one Window. Now in this tutorial we will show a trick that will help you open another Google Chrome Window using the tabs that are already open in one Window. To start, you will need to open Google Chrome then open two or more tabs in it. After doing so, just put the mouse pointer on the tab that you want to move into a new Google Chrome Window and drag it down then release it as shown on the screenshot below.


You can also click on a tab from another Window then hold it and drag it towards another open Google Chrome Window to make it easier for you to jump between related tabs and facilitate the easier completion of any task that you are doing on the Internet.

Viewing Website Information

Knowing some details about a website that you have visited is a bonus thing especially if you want to make sure that all the information which you are about to give out and enter into it is safe. To access this valuable set of information and some additional details of any website, all you need to do is click on the paper icon that is located before the website URL inside the web address box as shown on the screenshot below.


After you click on this icon, a box will appear with two tabs labelled as “Permissions” and “Connections”. On top of it, you will also see the information if the website is verified or not.


In other cases especially for verified and secure websites, this icon is replaced by one that looks like a green padlock so users will know that the website is safe and is proven to be the real website and not a fake one. Examples of verified websites are Facebook, Paypal and other e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Ebay. The screenshot below shows how the green padlock icon looks like which appears before the URL/website name of verified websites.


More Secrets

Google Chrome, just like all the other Internet Browsers that are available in our modern day has countless other secrets but most of them are already intended for more advanced users. The ones that we have shown here are enough to help you get through many things while using this very popular browser and make productivity as well as entertainment and leisure raise higher into the next level.