8 Tips for Using the People App to the Next Level

Each modern style app in your Windows 8.1 machine bears some very obvious features and functions which can readily be seen on its main screen. There are also other tweaks that can only be done on the tile like resizing or turning the live tile feature on or off. One very important app that you need to get familiar with is called the People app. From its main screen alone, the app is filled with buttons and functions that will help you get quick access to the options  for contacting people saved in your social media and as well as your email accounts. In this tutorial, we will be digging deeper to the other options and features that the People app offers so you can use this awesome tool to its fullest.

1. Getting to the Contact Details Screen

The People app’s main screen displays some boxes that bears the letters of the alphabet. Each of these boxes are clickable and they represent the first letters of the names of the people that are saved in your contacts list. When you click on any of the box, you will be taken to the contacts section with the first letter of contact names corresponding to the letter you clicked. This is a quick way of accessing the section where a certain contact is located since you won’t need to do some scrolling. Once you find the contact that you are looking for, all you need to do is click on his/her picture or name and you will be taken right away to the contact details screen.


4. Editing a Contact’s Information

Some contacts that are automatically synced with the People app may have vague information and others may have details that need some updating. If you want to change some details of a certain contact. All you need to do is access his/her contact detail screen and once you are on it, simply right-click on an empty space and the App bar will appear both at the top and at the bottom of the screen. From the App bar that you will see at the bottom, simply click on the option that says “Edit” and you will be able to access the section where you can enter additional details for the contact you selected. After entering the additional information for the contact, simply hit the save button found at the upper-right portion of the screen as you can see below.


5. Access Some Jump Buttons

When you right click from anywhere within the People app, there will be two App bars that would appear on top and at the bottom of the screen containing options and jump buttons. The options are mostly found at the bottom while the jump buttons are on top. These buttons are labeled “Home”, “Me”, “What’s new” and “All contacts”. The “Home” button would obviously take you to the People app’s main screen. Next, the “Me” button will take you right away to your own account details screen while the “What’s new” button will bring you to the latest notifications and wall posts of your friends on Facebook and other social media accounts linked to the People app on your machine. Lastly, the “All contacts” button will take you to the section that shows all the contacts that are available on the app.


6. Adding a New Contact

Adding a new contact is done easily using one of the options that is available on the App bar that appears at the bottom of the People app screen. To do this, simply open the People app’s main screen and right-click on an empty space. Once the App bars appear, simply click on the “New contact” option that is found at the extreme-right of the bottom App bar.


After doing so, you will be taken to the screen where you can input the details of the new contact that you want to add. Simply type in all the required details and information into the corresponding boxes and once everything gets entered, simply hit the “Save” button found at the top-right portion of the screen just beside the “Cancel” button.


7.  Search for Contacts Instantly

Another awesome feature that is perfectly incorporated with the People app is the Search capability. It is also found within the other built-in mobile apps in every Windows 8.1 machine. You can use this very simple-looking feature in searching for certain contacts in an instant. To do this, simply input the contact’s name into the search input box located at the upper-right portion of the screen and click on the search icon located at the extreme-right end of the search input box.


8. Linking Another Account to the People App

You might have created a new email account or you have just opened your brand new Windows 8.1 machine. No matter to which case you belong, you can link a new account to the People app using the same steps. Adding an account means that all the contacts saved in it will automatically be synced to the people app. To do this, simply open the People app’s main page and once you are on it, you will need to access the Settings screen by pressing the Windows + I keys or accessing the charms bar and clicking on the one labeled Settings. Once the Settings screen appears, simply click on the menu that says “Accounts”.


After doing so, you will arrive at the Accounts screen which links all the accounts that the people app is linked to and as well as a link that says “Add an account”. Simply click on this link to access the screen where you can enter the relevant information about the contact that you want to add and once you are done entering all the required information, simply click on the Save” button at the upper-right portion of the screen.

Now that you learned some options and discovered some other features of the People app, you can start trying all of the steps I’ve shown on your Windows 8.1 machine. Once you master these steps, you will surely be able to use the People app like an expert!