The Upcoming Features in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft has introduced a new browser when Windows 10 was released and called it Microsoft Edge. It has permanently replaced Internet Explorer being the default browser in the Windows 10 OS and it definitely beats the former in terms of performance.

Now that a newer build is in the making, it is important that you know what improvements are expected to be found in the new Edge browser. While most of us prefer to use Google Chrome or any other browser, it surely would be great to use something that perfectly incorporates with the Windows OS like Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge: A New Breed of Browser from Microsoft

Most of the popular browser in our time have been in existence for years now. If you’ve been looking for a new and more modern one then Edge is the best candidate! After all, that’s what Microsoft Edge is all about. A new web browsing experience for everyone is what it offers!

Are you one of those who are eagerly waiting for Windows 10’s Creators Update rumored to be released this spring?There are lots of innovations to watch out for in it and Microsoft Edge is just one. Let’s take a look what this browser is going to look and feel like in the video below.

New Features in the Upcoming Microsoft Edge

As a continuing commitment to making Windows even better, a new major update is set to be released this spring. It is called Creators Update and one of the changes that is going to be found in it will be on the Microsoft Edge.

If the video above was too fast for you to catch up with what’s new in the browser, here’s a list of what you can expect. Most of these features are already in the version of Microsoft Edge on the latest preview build.

1. Better Organized Tabs

Microsoft has made Edge a lot more organized letting you keep previously opened tabs for future launching. It can also manage browsing sessions more effectively letting you control everything easier.

These changes and improvements were done so users can get away from the fear of closing tabs and losing things previously opened. It also increases productivity many times over compared to other browsers.

2. 3D Integration

Edge is being developed further to support virtual reality uses. Right now, it already has support for WebVR which will allow users to experience virtual reality through the web in websites that support it. There are also some upcoming Windows Mixed Virtual Reality hardware that we all need to watch out for.

Microsoft Edge is not just a new breed of browser but it is also the browser of the future where virtual and mixed reality is going to be the trend.

3. Ebooks Support

Windows Store is going to offer ebooks and Microsoft Edge is going to have a feature that will allow those books to be opened in the browser. This means that the needed tools for reading and navigating through ebooks will be included in the browser. This has been under testing and is now surely nearing completion as Creators Update’s release is coming closer and closer.

4. Expanded Extension Platform Support

Edge only supports a handful of browser extensions when it was first release but this is going to change in the upcoming Creators Update version. Yes! There will finally be more browser extensions that can be installed to it which means that you can do even more things with the browser. You can even make it your primary browser now!

More Changes and Improvements Coming

The features shown in the video above are just a tentative list of what’s already been incorporated to the browser. That doesn’t mean that there would be nothing more. There’s still even more features and improvements that can be included before Creators Update finally gets released.

So technically, all we can do for now is anticipate and speculate and be even more excited. Have you experienced using Microsoft Edge in one of the latest preview builds? What did you like most about it? Share your thoughts by posting them as comments below.