How to Use Windows 10’s New Blue Light Reduction Feature

Studies suggest that modern devices that have LCD screens can affect the eyes. Turns out that it isn’t just radiation that bring negative effects to this precious body part but also the light emitted by screens.

Blue light which is part of the visible light spectrum has been discovered to penetrate deeper into the eyes. This can then lead to damage in the retina and further eyesight problems in the long run.

Because of this health danger, many products such as blue light protection & corrective eyeglasses have flooded the market. However, experts still argue that these products don’t filter much blue light.

How Can Blue Light Be Reduced?

The solution should be on the device screen itself and thankfully, there are blue light filers that are already available in different devices. For instance, you can find a number of Android apps that allow adjusting this aspect of the screen.

And as Microsoft cooks the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update, a new feature that allows adjusting blue light levels in PC screens has been made available. Yes! You can now feel safer while using your Windows machine. You can see how this feature is accessed and used in the video below so go ahead and hit the “Play” button!

As you can see, the upcoming major update for Windows 10 really has some promising features, improvements and we may even expect some new features that are not found in any of the previous builds.

The presence of the blue light reduction and control feature is a welcome change that will surely be beneficial to those who are exposed to their device’s LCD screens almost every hour of the day.

It is very useful especially during the night when all lights are off and it is only your screen that is giving off light. The blue light reduction feature is only available in Windows 10 Preview Builds so if you’re still using the version that came out as part of the Anniversary Update, the feature won’t appear in it.

Protect Your Eyes With Windows 10’s Blue Light Reduction Feature

As the release of Windows 10 Creators Update gets nearer, many users are becoming thrilled with what it has to show off. We’ve been featuring the different preview builds in our previous articles so be sure to browse through our categories to see what the next Windows 10 would look like.

What do you think about the new blue light reduction feature? Will you use it on your Windows computer once Creators Update is released? It’s going to be offered for free to 400 million Windows devices so it won’t really harm if you try it.

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