Welcome Windows 10’s Creators Update This 2017!

Windows has evolved so much in the recent years and we’re seeing what Microsoft calls “The Best Windows Yet” called Windows 10! However, the transition from the old “purely-desktop” kind of operating system to the one that we have now hasn’t been that smooth.

Looking back to that fateful day in October 25, 2012 when Windows 8 was released, it is easy to say that the road has been full of bumps for this operating system that has become a favorite to millions of PC users and businesses around the world!

Just imagine Windows lacking the Start Button and the Start Menu? Now that’s real disaster! But of course, justifications like “new features” included came out and this includes:

  • The ability to add new features and functionalities to any PC using apps from the Windows Store
  • New “Metro” environment that co-exists with the traditional Desktop environment
  • Built-in security with Windows Defender
  • Syncing of settings from one Windows device to another by logging in using a Microsoft Account

Some of the changes were good but taking away the Start Button and the Start Menu is what users strongly opposed!

Windows 8.1 to the Rescue!

But these features didn’t suffice either. Users really wanted some features restored and Microsoft has managed to get back on track by releasing a supposed better version of Windows 8 which they named Windows 8.1! In case you haven’t tried using it, here are the improvements that Microsoft did to it:

  • The Start Button has been restored to its rightful place
  • Ability to pin Desktop program shortcuts to the Start Screen
  • More improved Windows Defender

Windows 8.1 still looked pretty similar to Windows 8 with the exception of the Start Button being present in it of course but the all-time favorite feature called the Start Menu is still missing!

Finally, Windows 10 Was Released

It seemed quite hopeless to some until Windows 10 came in June of 2015 being offered as a free update! Windows 10 kept improving since it was made available more than a year ago with a significant build dubbed as the “Anniversary Update” released to mark its first year.

So what are the things that we can expect in Windows 10 this 2017? Has Microsoft been cooking some great stuff for us? Take a look at some of the great features that are going to be included in Windows 10’s Creators Update that is going to be released early this year!

Microsoft promises an even better Windows 10 with the upcoming release of its most awaited “Creators Update” and as you have seen in the video, the features that will be included in it truly pictures the future! Just imagine being able to do wonderful things on your PC such as:

  • Playing Games with augmented reality devices like Microsoft Hololens
  • Being able to work on your projects like you are touching them in your actual world
  • Communicating like you’re facing people even when they are miles away from where you are
  • Ability to create 3D images and photos which can be posted on social media like Facebook
  • Edit photos like a pro with new tools and features that are yet to be revealed
  • Top-notch security with a better Windows Defender equipped with new integrations and functionalities

These features seem like a thing of science-fiction but in Windows 10’s Creators Update, all of these and even more are going to become a reality!

Microsoft has been preparing all of these for final release and the great thing about it is that it’s going to be given for FREE once again! There’s no word yet on the exact release date but it’s good to get a heads-up on what to expect in this upcoming Windows 10 build!

What’s your take on this upcoming Windows 10 version? Are you excited about it? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below!