What’s New With the Snap Feature in Windows 10?

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One of the things that we all do in our Windows computer is multitasking. Microsoft’s flagship operating system has been letting users do this even in most of its earliest versions and each time a new Windows operating system version gets released, some welcome changes are also included with it.

Through the years, Microsoft has been working to improve Windows in many ways possible and since the demand for devices that can do more things in a relatively short time has risen because of the advent of mobile devices that can quickly get more features in a snap, Microsoft has also started developing Windows into an operating system that can accommodate the traditional desktop programs and its modern counterpart called mobile apps!

While this effort of innovating Windows so it can become better than ever before has somewhat failed in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Microsoft has not easily given up on their vision of really bringing the Desktop and Mobile environments together. It seems like the two operating systems just served as test versions for creating a new breed of Windows OS which is set to be released this summer!

Yes! After almost 3 years of a groggy stance caused by the flaws found in both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating system releases, Microsoft is finally on the polishing stages of the new Windows 10 which is dubbed as the “best Windows ever”!

A Change Aimed Towards Becoming the Best!

During the big announcement hosted by Microsoft last January, company executives and heads who spoke about the upcoming Windows 10 operating system release have made it clear that they are now on the stage of really creating a bigger and better Windows that will dominate all devices and even the virtual computing industry.

At present, Windows is found in PCs, tablets and smartphones but when Windows 10 gets formally released for the public, it’s going to extend its scope to cover even smart TVs and other home entertainment devices. Gaming will also see a thrilling change with Microsoft HoLolens and Windows Store would also expand and have even more apps as more and more software and hardware manufacturers expressed support in shaping the new Windows operating system.

Windows 10 Takes Multitasking to the Next Level

Much of what Windows 10 is today, all of the features and improvements that were made in it were all made possible by the feedback and suggestions that Windows testers have contributed to Microsoft through the Windows Insider Program.

The company has really been serious in making Windows fit into all devices and meet the needs of all types of users which led them into setting up a program that will make Windows 10 available to all of those who want to give feedback on how to make Windows the best!

This feedback program has yielded good results so far with the very noticeable one making the operating system a lot more productive than its predecessors. In this tutorial, we will be learning more about the recent improvements made to one of the multitasking features called “Snap screen” and get to know the new “virtual desktop” as well as “task view” features so be sure to read this tutorial from top to bottom to learn everything about these features before you install Windows 10 into your computer.

The New and Improved Snap Feature!

In older Windows editions like XP and Windows Vista, you can adjust the size of a Window manually so it can take half of the screen and open another Window, adjust its size manually again as what you did with the first one then move it to the opposite side so there will be two Windows sitting beside one another. This is very useful when you want to multitask but resizing both Windows manually takes a significant amount of time.

For this reason, Microsoft has added a new feature available since Windows 7 which is called “Snap” and in Windows 10, it has been made even better by adding minor aspects of it that has big impact to how it works. Dragging a specific Window to the left or right hand portion of the screen and letting the mouse touch the edge to make it take half of the screen has not changed at all but what appears after that as shown on the screenshot below would really make you feel very excited!

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As you can see, it is now easier to snap different Windows side-by-side each other in the upcoming Windows 10 operating system and there’s even more that Microsoft is looking to add into this already awesome feature as development of this modern OS is still ongoing. Windows 10 is going to be released this summer but you can get Windows 10 Technical Preview release for free if you’d like to try it in its final development stage.

So What’s the Virtual Desktop For?

Another brand new feature in Windows 10 that is made to give more space for users who want to multitask is called “Virtual Desktop”. This feature has a permanent icon on the taskbar so you can easily click on it whenever you want to use it as highlighted on the screenshot below.

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Now, all you need to do is click on the icon that is highlighted and described on the screenshot above and you will be able to view all of the tasks which are open in your computer as tiles. At the bottom portion of these tiles is a black-horizontal bar that contains one button labeled “(+) Add a desktop”. This button will now allow you to add a new virtual desktop where you can open another set of tasks or confine a game or social media/app Window away from the desktop where you are currently working on some important and time-sensitive tasks.

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Windows 10: The Best Windows Ever

Aside from these features that are both geared towards improving each user’s ability to multitask, Windows 10 still has a lot of other things to offer and as its official release is nearing, we can all expect even more innovations that will be applied to this Windows edition dubbed as the best that Microsoft has even come up so far. To learn about the latest news about your favorite computer OS, be sure to stay tuned with us as we unveil more Windows 10 secrets one feature after another.