Working with Emails in the Mail App

Emails have become a trend in almost every place within the Internet space. Websites and social networks require you to have it when you sign up and even in applying to a job, there is always a section on the application process which asks for your email address and even your Facebook and other social media accounts. Because of this, having an email address has become a need to almost everyone who wants to indulge to the online environment. In this tutorial, we will be learning how to respond to your emails, find out how you can forward them and discover the steps in attaching files to it but first we will go through the steps in signing up for an email account on popular email service providers like Live, Google and Yahoo.

Signing Up for an Email Account

Before you can have access to all the good benefits that an email account can provide, you will need to get your own by signing up for one in any email service provider. Below are the steps which you can follow in signing up for an account in three popular email service providers.


Creating an email account with Live is important if you want to sign in to your Windows 8.1 machine with a Microsoft account. To do this, simply go to “” and once the webpage opens, simply click or tap on the “Sign up now” button found at the bottom.


After doing so, you will arrive on a webpage where you can input some relevant information about yourself. After getting all these information entered into the boxes provided, simply hit the “Create account” button found at the bottom.


The steps in getting an email account looks and feels the same in almost every email service provider. For instance, if you want to sign up for a Google account, you will need to open “” on your favorite web browser and on the webpage that opens, simply click or tap on the “Create an account” link found near the bottom.


After doing so, you will be taken to a webpage where you can enter all your relevant details. Just input these required details and follow all the other steps that comes next.


Another popular email service provider is Yahoo and in order to sign up for an email account in it, you will need to go to “” and once the webpage opens, simply hover the mouse pointer on to the “Sign in” link located at the top right portion and a small screen will appear where you can find the “Sign up” link. Just click on this link and you will be able to access the page where you can enter the relevant details for the email account that you want to create.


On the account details screen, simply input all required information and once everything gets entered to the appropriate box, simply hit the “Create account” button found at the bottom. There might be other instructions that will appear and all you need to do is follow what it asks you to do in order to create your email account.


In creating your email, there are cases that you will need to enter a CAPTCHA code in order to verify if you are really a human and not a bot trying to enter the email system. CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. When prompted to enter the code, simply do so and enter it to the designated box. If you can’t read the code shown, you can try another one by clicking on the button provided for trying another code.


Sending an Email from the Mail App

Now that you learned how to create an email account in different email service providers, you can start linking each one of them to the Mail app. To learn how this is done, you can read our guide in linking email accounts to the Mail app. Once your emails accounts gets linked to the Mail app, you will be able to access your emails in each email account from it and in case you don’t know how to respond to an email yet, here’s how it is done.

1. First, you will need to open the Mail app by clicking on its tile from the Start Screen. To open the Start Screen, you can simply click on the Start Button or press the Windows Key and once it opens, simply click on the “Mail” tile.


2. Next, once the Mail app screen opens, you will need to move the mouse pointer to the upper-right portion of the screen and click on the button at the middle of three buttons which bears a “+” icon. This is the “New” button and you will need to click on it in order to open the section where you can enter a new email and as well as its recipient.


Attaching Files to an Email

Just like working with some emails on a web browser, the Mail app also allows you to attach files to an email that you want to send someone. To do this, simply compose a new email and enter the recipient to the boxes provided. Once these information gets entered, you will need to click on the button on top that has a paper clip icon inside it. This is the “Attachments” button and after you click on it, a new screen will open where you can select the files that you want to attach to the email.


How to Forward an Email

The Mail app also allows you to forward an email that you received from another person so you won’t need to type in the same message again just to send it to everyone who needs to read it. The forward function also sends the attachments that are included to an email which you received. To do this, simply select the email that you want to forward and once it opens, you will need to right-click an empty space on the screen and hit the “Forward” option from the app bar that appears at the bottom.

Get More From Your Email Accounts

As you can see, the Mail app in Windows 8.1 allows you to do even more tweaks and change settings of your email accounts than what you can really do with it when you use a wen browser. Your email also looks less cluttered and the absence of too much advertisements makes everything become even simpler to work with. Just take some time to explore this brand new app in your Windows 8.1 machine and you will surely love that way it manages your email accounts and all the messages that are in it. However, if you still find that accessing your email account using a web browser is more convenient than doing it on the Mail app then you can still choose to do so by getting to the desktop screen and getting you favorite browser prepared for accessing your email accounts on different email service providers.