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Common Errors | Windows Techies - Part 2

Common Errors

Getting Help Through Remote Assistance

A vast majority of Windows users are not really experts, most are just the average type who knows the basics but never really have enough knowledge in dealing with some situations especially when something wrong happens. This is the reason why most “how to” websites and even those experts forums really get some regular stream of […]

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Fix Problems Easily With Microsoft Fix It

Getting access to a tool that easily fixes common problems in your Windows machine would surely be of great help especially to novice and even to the average users. Getting problems especially when you are trying to complete something or when you’re already at the middle of a video or movie that you are watching […]

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Getting Your Hands on Some Windows Troubleshooting Wizards

Manually fixing any problem that arises in your Windows computer would be a very tedious task and something that is very difficult especially to those who don’t even have the slightest knowledge on some geeky matters and other technical sections of the Windows operating system. Doing this is like looking for a needle in a […]

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Different Ways in Restarting Your Computer

All operating systems that run in different computers are not perfect. Whether it is Linux-based, Mac OS or one that runs in Windows, all of them have flaws and even the ones that are designed to run in mobile devices are not exempted. Often times especially if your device is quite older like a year […]

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5 Tips for Removing a Computer Virus

Viruses are commonly known as harmful, self-replicating programs that enter your computer’s memory without you being aware of it. The internet is full of thousands of viruses, spywares and malwares just waiting for an open security breach on your computer in order for them to start destroying the memory of your machine. These unwanted programs […]

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